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Reasons Why You Should Learn to Surf This Year

Surfing is an extremely impressive skill to learn in your lifetime. If you are lucky enough to live near a beach, getting out and about in the waves has a multitude of benefits. Now is the perfect time to pick up a new hobby, here are some of the reasons why that hobby should definitely be surfing!

It’s a Great Way to Get Fit

Surfing is one of those forms of exercise that can help you get fit without even knowing it. The fun of learning to surf will be the most important part for you and getting super fit is just an added bonus! Surfing engages your entire body and will give you a great workout every single time. By the time you’ve mastered it, you will be sure to be in the best physical state of your life.

Teaches You About Water Safety

The ocean can be an ominous place and waves and tides are extremely powerful forces. Taking surf lessons will teach you everything you need to know about the water and help you determine safe practices when swimming or surfing in the powerful ocean. Learning different techniques and all about the different types of currents and waves will allow you to take a safe approach to learning to surf.

Perfect for Thrill SeekersA man on a surfboard riding a wave during surfing lessons this year.

One of the biggest appeals of surfing is the adrenaline rush that you get when you finally catch that perfect wave. Gliding on top of the water on your surfboard is a feeling that is unmatched and absolutely addictive. Thrill seekers everywhere learn to surf as a means of chasing this feeling. Mastering surfing will mean that you can achieve that thrill every single time you go in the water/ Once you’ve caught your first good wave, you will be hooked!

Improves Your Coordination and Balance

Perhaps one of the most daunting aspects of surfing is the coordination and balance that is needed to be a successful surfer. The more you practice, however, and if you have a good teacher to guide you, the better you will get at balancing on the board. Remember, practice makes perfect and it’s ok if you find it hard at first! Keep at it and you will see a real improvement in your level of coordination, balance, and strength.

Allows You to Enjoy the SunshineA surfer learning to surf riding a wave at sunset.

If you’re somehow not sold on surfing yet, consider how wonderful it feels to swim around in the ocean on a beautiful sunny day. Gather some friends or family who are also keen on learning to surf and take advantage of the gorgeous weather. It will be a great activity for you to enjoy bonding with your loved ones, learning a new skill, and soaking up the sunshine.


No matter if you are a complete beginner to surfing or are coming back to it after a few years, learning to surf is a fun and rewarding activity for all. A good surf teacher will teach you valuable lessons about the ocean, help you improve your skill level, and ensure that you are having lots of fun. So what are you waiting for? Get out into the water and see why surfing is one of the best skills that you can learn this year.