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8 Tips for Finding Exclusive Shopping Deals Online

It’s no secret that everyone loves a deal. Especially when that deal is exclusive and gives you special access to the best new products. But how can you find these deals? How can you become part of this mysterious group of people who know all about the hottest products and where to find them? If you are searching for answers to these questions, you’re in luck, because our 8 step guide will give you all the advice you need to track down these products and grab them for yourself.

#1 Use a Deal Finder Website

Deal finder websites are perhaps the simplest way to find the latest deals that brands are offering on their items. There is no shortage of websites, browser extensions, apps, or other platforms that provide this service. Some of them require you to visit the website and find the coupon codes for your favorite online stores. Others will automatically apply any discounts that they find to your shopping basket as you go to check out with your items. Although these platforms don’t necessarily help you find exclusive items, they are a good place to start to get you the best prices possible when shopping at your favorite online stores. They are easy to use and give you the ability to buy the items that you have in your basket for the cheapest price offered by the store. Alternatively, you can try your luck with entering common coupon codes and seeing if any of them work!

#2 Try Livestream ShoppingA woman with a laptop watching a livestream on her phone to find exclusive online shopping deals.

Haven’t heard of livestream shopping? It’s a fairly new platform for online shopping that is set to take over the industry in the near future. Livestream shopping involves brand ambassadors or influencers going live on a platform such as Jumble to promote and discuss their products. This process is particularly engaging for viewers as it gives them the opportunity to interact with a real person who is familiar with the products. Viewers can ask questions, make comments and get access to exclusive deals on the products that the live streamer presents. This dynamic atmosphere is not only fun but will ensure that you get the perfect product for you. Interacting with the host of a live stream will settle any questions or limitations that may be holding you back from purchasing the product. Livestream shopping is the future of online shopping and will help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to finding genuinely useful and high-quality products.

#3 Sign Up for Your Favourite Brands’ Loyalty Programs

A great way to get insider knowledge on both the new products that your favorite stores are dropping and the latest deals or discounts is to sign up to the loyalty program. Joining the loyalty program will add you to the email list and will usually give you access to exclusive offers that are for members only. Most brands’ loyalty programs are free, however, some may incur a small fee. For the payoff that you get from special deals, however, you may consider this membership fee worth it. As part of the loyalty program, the brand will email you frequently to give you insight into what they are doing and what products they have coming out. Check these emails regularly to get in quickly when they release an exciting new product or have a big sale.

#4 Take Advantage of Discounts That Apply to You

Certain discounts may apply to you depending on certain factors that affect your life. For example, if you are a student, you may qualify for a student discount. Online stores may provide this discount at their own checkout or you can sign up for a platform that provides you with these codes. Online stores recognize that students are often their biggest market however they also often don’t have a lot of money. Providing a small discount to these target markets will make them more likely to follow through with purchases and ultimately results in more sales for the company. If you are a student, make sure that you are aware of the availability of these discounts and start taking advantage of them!

#5 Follow Your Favourite Brands on Social MediaA woman with a laptop and a credit card purchasing exclusive products online.

Following brands on social media may give you exclusive access to deals. It also allows you to get a sneak peek of the products that they are releasing. Brands often want to reward the people who are loyal to them so many of them offer their social media followers access to exclusive deals as a thank you for remaining devoted to them. Brands will also tease their new products and give you a heads up of when to expect them so that you can be first in line. Follow the brands that you want to stay up to date with and be sure to check their story as well as their main feed. These 24-hour stories may give you access to even more exclusive deals than the ones that appear on the main feed so be sure that you don’t miss them!

#6 Follow Influencers on Social Media

In addition to following brands on social media, it can be useful to also follow a variety of influencers. Influencers often work closely with brands as they are a good channel through which brands can promote their products or services. These social media presences can provide you with insight into new and unique products. In addition to this, the brands that sell the products usually provide them with a discount code that they can then share with their followers to encourage them to buy. Following a range of influencers who promote products that you typically like will allow you to get those useful discount codes and buy the latest and most exciting products.

#7 Follow Blogs

While influencers are useful to follow on social media, specific blogs that specialize in your areas of interest are useful for keeping track of the latest product releases in the industry. Bloggers are committed to checking all channels available to find the best deals for their readers. They can recommend products, rate and review them, and provide you with valuable sources of information. Similarly to influencers, some bloggers may also be working with brands that they promote and can give you discounts as a reader of their blog.

#8 Search for Apps That Send You RemindersA collection of gifts from online shopping deals.

There are some apps available on the app store that gather information from all of these resources and notify you when any new products or special deals arise. These apps are super convenient if you don’t have a lot of time to search for products and instead want to locate all the information you need in one place. Cashback apps also exist and are useful for saving money. These apps partner with brands to provide you with discounts and sometimes offer you a percentage of your purchase back as a rebate. Although these apps may seem to save you minimal amounts of money, over time they can be extremely helpful for increasing your overall savings, particularly if you are a frequent online shopper.


Finding the most exclusive shopping deals online sometimes requires a little bit of work and dedication. If you follow some or all of these steps, however, you will be well on your way to tracking down some good value products. In today’s world, there are plenty of online stores looking for your business. Find these products through influencers, blogs, or word of mouth recommendations and see what you can do to get the best deal available.