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Nancy Mello isn’t your stereotypical psychic medium/clairvoyant

When most people think of psychics and clairvoyants, they conjure up images of elderly soothsayers or mystical witches who gaze into a crystal ball to predict a horrible fate for those who come to them. While this is a standard portrayal in pop culture, it’s not really reflective of reality.

When you first meet Nancy Mello, a psychic, clairvoyant, and animal communicator based in Connecticut, you would never guess what she does for a living. That’s because, at her core, Nancy is a down to earth and relatable mother of 2 with a husband in the Navy.

Nancy also has 2 cats and 2 dogs, which makes a lot of sense when you consider the fact that communicating with animals is one of her intuitive abilities. If you could communicate with animals, you would probably have quite a few pets in your home!

Nancy is also not just an intuitive, she serves her town in a small elected position where she has a focus on public schooling, recreation, the environment, and (appropriately) animal welfare. She enjoys hiking with her family, weight lifting, obstacles courses, and marathons.

Nancy is the quintessential modern psychic – she comes across more like a counsellor or wellness coach rather than a mystic surrounded in mystery and intrigue. This helps in making her more approachable with her clients, especially for people who have never engaged with an intuitive before.

Nancy doesn’t rely on any gimmicks or ritual presence – she just listens to her clients and taps into her abilities to give them her honest gut feeling. The simplicity of her service enables Nancy to work easily with people from around the world via email or even over the phone.

Nancy Mello is certainly an intuitive who defies the standard expectations about her livelihood.