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Founder of MD-Esthetics Maya Darwiche: What you need to know about the business

MD-Esthetics is a beauty business that offers regular and permanent makeup services for its clientele. The increase in popularity surrounding beauty enhancements has been well noted, and as such MD-Esthetics has only seen exponential growth. The brains behind the operation is Maya Darwiche, a makeup artist with over 20 years of experience within the industry and field.

Originally graduating with a degree in business, Maya went into the beauty industry as a sales consultant, but found her passion in makeup artistry after she studied to be an aesthetician. Makeup and beauty were constants within her life, and while she was working during the week, her weekends were filled with studying and following her passion for makeup and beauty enhancements. Her skills only increased as her career progressed, going from makeup artistry to cosmetic tattooing.

Wanting to further her career and develop new methods of beauty enhancement, she discovered techniques from Europe and Asia that improved upon the previous standards for beauty tattooing. With her business degree, she knew what to do when it came to starting her own business. Enjoying the liberty and decision making involved with owning a business, MD-Esthetics was born. The popularity and success of the business has only increased with the increase in popularity related to beauty enhancements.

New technologies have allowed MD Esthetics to create more natural looking beauty enhancements such as hairstrokes and pixelated shading for eyebrows. In the modern day, permanent makeup is not a lifetime commitment, and as such people are willing to go into the procedure knowing that one day it will eventually fade. This allows for people to keep up with changing trends and ensures that they are always happy with the way that they look. The popularity of these types of procedures have therefore increased significantly. One of the more popular services has been the eyebrow microblading procedure. This can help to establish eyebrow symmetry and shape adjustment which, Darwiche notes, can help clients look up to 10 years younger! It is clear that beauty enhancement isn’t going anywhere, and MD-Esthetics is living proof that the demand is always there as long as the innovation is.

According to Darwiche, her personal favorite service for beauty enhancement is the lip blush. This procedure allows for inconsistencies in the lips to be corrected and for lips to be enhanced with gorgeous color.

From sales consultant in the beauty industry to makeup artist, to owning her own business, Maya Darwiche has become a businesswoman with a goal in mind: to help her clients enhance their beauty and look great no matter what. Internationally recognized and qualified, Maya Darwiche, and subsequently MD-Esthetics, is the place to go to when it comes to getting beauty enhancements done. With their huge range of services, you can’t go wrong with this friendly and professional team of experts.