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The Simple Pleasure of Converting a Barn into a Comfy Home

There are several examples of people making unconventional homes from unexpected materials, there’s a generation of people dedicated to a life on the road and converting vans into smaller mobile homes, boats becoming floating domiciles and even the simple pallet becoming a building material for a structurally sound home for those escaping societal woes.

However, there is a growing trend of people converting alternative buildings into interior design masterpieces. Some companies such as Amish Outdoor Buildings have even made a career with it. There is one style in particular that we will focus on today and give the low-down on how it can be done, the building in question, is the humble yet spacious barn.

Why Barns?

It’s a strange connection to be made, but it makes a lot of sense when the ingredients are placed on the table. It has plenty of space, a large open floor plan potential as well as high reaching rooftops that can give quite a classy and sophisticated feel when a little bit of work and some interior decorating come into play.

With so many options and some dedicated companies already working on the concept, there’s never been a better time to get your architectural hat on and start imagining, especially if the prospective space is not being used or is in need of a tune up.

It Will Be Hard Work

As you can see, there are numerous examples of the project coming to fruition with a high level of success. Depending on the area you’re building in, there can be a lot of work involved in seeing the project through to fruition. Due to the rising popularity, there have been occasions where companies have become solely dedicated to the craft, rehabilitation, and subsequent construction of a home from barns and other dilapidated structures.

However, in the DIY culture that has perpetuated itself in the recent years, it’s not surprising to find a whole mess of how-to’s and assistance for the ones out there who want to carry the load themselves and try their hand at converting their barn into a ‘Barndominium’.

Bear in mind for anyone daring enough to try, it will take some time, a lot of work and a few layers of red tape before you can settle in, but looking at the results, it’s not hard to see the result equating the effort.

Expect – Beam Frames and Bugs

One thing to keep in mind as you work on your new project, there will be some structural adjustments to be made. Although the load bearing beams are structurally sound, the wear and tear of the roofing and sides will need some attention. A lot of nails will need to be replaced overall and will take up the bulk of your initial time after you’ve cleared the area.

Another factor to consider is, powderpost bugs love old wood, which is the main ingredient for a lot of the mid-century barns, fumigation will also be a considerable factor in the process and should not be unaccounted for in your planning.

In this initial phase, you have the opportunity to replace the roofing and siding with a more insulated material as it will get cold in the winter and warm in the summer if left to its own devices, again, barns were not designed to be homes off the bat.

Expect – Building Codes & Windowpanes

If there’s one immutable truth it’s this, everything needs some form of approval. Building a domicile structure out of a storage one will require a few forms to be filled out and safety checks to be conducted. Checking the local building codes in your county or region will save a lot of unnecessary headache down the track and will assist with the planning process.

Another commonly forgotten aspect with barns is that they’re built with gaping doors, but not a lot of windows, one expectation will be the planning and placement of a few windowpanes to escape the inevitable sensation of being closed off.

There is a long and rewarding road to converting a barn into a cozy and beautiful space, after dealing with a few of the unexpected hurdles, you’ll be able to sit back and relax in your new and improved ‘barndominium’, it’s well worth the price of admission.