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Top Analytics Companies In The US

Analytics and data are very important pieces of the puzzle for all companies, without analyzing data properly you aren’t able to make smart business decisions. The success of your business really depends on your ability to read and analyze your data.

It is pretty easy for a smaller company to analyze their own data, for example, you sell five different types of soap at your shop and one of the scents is always sold out, and another no one likes. In this case it would make sense to order more of the scent that people are buying, and no more of the one that people aren’t.

Although, where analytics gets a little bit more complicated is when there are bigger businesses, and there are a lot more moving parts, and pieces of data to analyze. This is where an analytics company can step in and help out. Data and analytics are becoming even more important, and this has translated to a lot of new companies popping up in the United States.

If you are in need of an analytics company to help you interpret what your data is saying, then have a read on below at some of the top analytics companies in the US:


This is a data analysis company that encompasses all the Internet of Things. They have locations right across the world in America, Europe and Australia. Sumatosoft looks after a lot of different companies in a range of industries; including real estate, entertainment, healthcare and e-commerce. If you have a particularly complex process, then Sumatosoft may be the company for you, because this is the area they specialize in.


Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft has over 1000 employees right across the world, but their headquarters are in America. Some of their main areas of focus include big data, data management, data science and analytics outsourcing. They have been operating for a significant amount of time, so they know how to do the job well, and should certainly be considered if this is a requirement for your business.

Beyond the Arc

This is a relatively small company, but they are able to help in a really wide range of areas, so that are worth considering. Founded in 2008, Beyond the Arc specialize in customer acquisition analytics, predictive analytics, B2B data monetization and machine learning. They have also started to branch out into other areas such as social media and communications.


One of the key areas that Xplenty can help you is bringing all the different sources of data into the one source of truth. If you work in a big business then you know just how many different places data can come from, so having them all in the one place is extremely helpful. As well as this, they can also help in other areas such as marketing and communications. They care about providing their clients with effective analytics.

SG Analytics

Founded in 2006, SG Analytics have locations right around the world, in places like America, Switzerland and England. SG Analytics are known to look at the bigger picture and make sure you are set up with the best solution for your individual situation. They provide a lot of different services that can help your businesses data analytics, particularly in marketing.

Pragmatic Works

While it only operates in a couple of states in America, it deals with clients on a worldwide scale and the main areas Pragmatic Works can assist you with include cloud infrastructure, data analytics and machine learning. They are also able to tackle more complex data issues if needed.