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Top 5 Tips for Businesses Struggling to Hire Staff

The right staff members can be the key to your business’ success. Hiring people with the right skills and attributes to create the reputation for your business that you want can be a challenge, however. Particularly in the current climate, finding the right person for the job can be difficult, and it’s important not to compromise on the attributes that you are searching for. If your business is struggling to hire people, these are some tips for finding the right team.

Top 5 Tips for Businesses Struggling to Hire StaffTwo men shaking hands as they have been hired for a business that was previously struggling with staff.

#1 Advertise Across a Range of Platforms

If you are struggling to find suitable applicants for the position that you are hiring for, the first thing you can do is increase your reach. There is no shortage of platforms out there for advertising jobs, and it’s important to take advantage of as many as possible in order to find the perfect person. You never know which platform your ideal candidate uses and you may be missing out on reaching them by not taking full advantage of all the tools available to you.

#2 Outsource Your HiringA woman from an outsourcing company talking to a man about hiring staff for his struggling business.

If you don’t have someone in your business allocated to recruitment, or if they are not having much success with filling the vacant positions, you may want to consider hiring an agency that does this work for you. Agencies like C9 Staff are experts in sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, and conducting background checks on potential candidates in order to find you the perfect hiree for the role you need filling. This takes the pressure off of you and your business and leaves it up to experienced professionals to identify the best person for your company. This will save you money and also open up opportunities to hire people from around the world to service your business.

#3 Have a Clear Job Description

If you feel that you have advertised a vacant position in your company adequately across a range of platforms but you still aren’t getting many interested or appropriate applicants, it might be time to revise how you are advertising the job. The job description that you post should be clear, descriptive, and easy to understand. When people apply for jobs they want to know exactly what they are getting into and if they are suitable for the requirements of the role. If the job description you have advertised is confusing and vague, people will be less likely to apply as they will be unsure of what they are getting themselves into. If you are not getting many applicants, read over your advertised job description and consider tweaking it to make more sense.

#4 Utilise Platforms Like LinkedInA man using LinkedIn to hire staff for his business.

LinkedIn has become a highly popular platform for finding individuals who may be suitable for your business. You have the ability to publish an advertisement on there as well as the ability to search for and contact individuals who you feel have the skills and requirements that you are looking for. Networking is a powerful way to connect with mutuals and also meet new people who you could benefit from in a business relationship. Many people on LinkedIn are there to connect with new business opportunities, so it is a useful platform to utilize to find professionals that are experienced and eager to work with new companies.

#5 Use Your Social Media

On top of LinkedIn, you can also use your other social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to reach people about the vacant position. If you are a frequent user of social media, chances are that you’ve built a nice little community on there around your business. It may be beneficial for you to hire someone who already knows and follows your business and is familiar with both the services you offer and the overall atmosphere of the company and its mission. Advertising the position on your social media will give people close to the company the chance to apply and bring their ideas as a follower. It also has the potential to reach others who don’t follow you due to the nature of social media and the millions of people who use it.


Hiring the perfect candidate to fill a position in your company can be a long and drawn out process. If you are finding it difficult to select people or to get them to apply in the first place, these are just some tips for hopefully increasing your engagement. Reaching more people and advertising cleverly will eventually attract someone who is ideal for the role and for your business.