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Best Jobs For Achieving Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is something that a lot of working Americans are trying to achieve. Being able to balance your work as well as your life is very hard, yet important thing to do. Everybody needs some time off every now and again; otherwise it becomes pretty easy to be brunt out. If you are working too much you are also probably going to miss out on a lot of things in your life and you may not actually end up being that productive at work.

Your work shouldn’t become your life; there are a lot of other important things that should be on your priority list as well, like relationships and your family. If you are on the hunt for a new job that has a good work-life balance, then you have come to the right place! Glassdoor did some amazing research into the best roles that strike a good balance.

So, have a read on at these roles, and hopefully at least one of them matches what you specialize in (if not you may want to change your career!):

Recruiting Coordinator

While the median salary for people within this type of role is a little on the lower side, the work-life balance is said to be awesome. Think about it, a recruiter is looking for people to hire, so they spend their days interviewing people, not much can go wrong in this role with a sort of emergency. It seems as though it is pretty smooth sailing here.

Data Scientist

If you are a lover of data then you are in luck, because the research shows that most people within this role, or similar, are able to strike a really good work-life balance and not only this, but it is expected that the demand for jobs like this is only going to rise in the future! Those who work in this role tend to also see a pretty nice salary as well, just for the cherry on top.

Corporate Recruiter

Looks like if you want to find a job with a good work-life balance, you need to look for a job in recruiting. A corporate recruiter is sometimes also referred to as a headhunter and what they do is research and try to find really good people and talent that they want working for their brand. In a job like this there isn’t really any time pressure, they are able to take their time to find the right person for the job, it’s all about quality.

UI Designer

A user interface designer works on how a user interacts with the businesses products, i.e. like a website or app. The UI designer is all about how good something looks and it requires a whole lot of knowledge from a few different areas, which is probably reflected in this sizable median salary.

Mobile Developer

There are more people using their mobile phones then ever before, therefore a mobile developer is a highly in demand job, and it is only expected to continue growing in demand over the next decade or so. It is said that you don’t actually need a college degree for this job, and considering the median salary is pretty high, it’s a little bit surprising.

UX Designer

Another type of designer makes the list of best jobs for achieving a great work-life balance. A UX designer works more on the experience with a certain product, which these days pretty much exclusively tends to be digital, like an app or website. The user experience on a website or app is really important, because if the user doesn’t like it, they could quite easily jump onto another website.