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All About The Glass Water Pipes/Bongs

Are you thinking about getting a smoking device for yourself? If yes, then it is your lucky day, as we bring a mini-guide about glass water pipes. From the types of glass pipes to its benefits, you will find it all here. So, let’s begin:

Types of Glass Water Pipes

There are many types of these pipes out there. If you ask which type should you choose? The answer would be, it all comes down to your own choice and preferences. We bring you the types and benefits of each type to help you choose the right one for you:

Spoon Glass Pipes

Spoon glass water pipes are the most common ones. These are small pipes with a small bowl at one end. These pipes include a carburettor, a hole that is covered using a finger while smoking. Just before you start to inhale the smoke, you must uncover this hole. The carburettor doesn’t let the smoke become stale so that you get the right hit when you inhale it. A pipe that comes with a carburettor produces a better tasting smoke generally.


The bubblers are a combination of bongs and regular glass pipes. What you do is add some water to the bubbler; this water acts as a filter for your smoke. You can add some cold water to your bubbler to cool down the smoke before it reaches your throat, which is helpful in reducing the inflammatory action of the smoking.

Sherlock Glass Pipes

The design of This pipe takes inspo from the great Sherlock Holmes and features a long stem that is a little curved. You can get any of your pipe made in this style, a bubbler, a normal piper, etc. Incorporating a carburettor in it will also be subjective to you.


This is a tube-shaped pipe which is very small. Chillum is designed just like the reed pipes used by local folks. These glass pipes do come with a carburettor, and you can smoke a very little amount of herbs at a time using a chillum.


If you are looking for a powerful hit, then steamrollers are the right type of glass water pipe for you. They appear the same as chillums but have multiple chambers for the smoke to pass and cool before getting to your throat.

Benefits of Glass Water Pipes

These glass pipes have a filtering effect due to the water added to them, which makes them a healthier alternative for smoking. Here are a few benefits of using the glass pipes with water:

Better Quality of Smoke

One of the major benefits of a water pipe is it produces smoother smoke. This smoke is less likely to irritate the smoker’s throat. Glass doesn’t produce any dangerous bi-products and carcinogens when heated, so your smoke is purer when using these pipes. Consequently, the chances of catching conditions like bronchitis are reduced.

Eco-friendly Material

This pipe helps you reduce the amount of chemicals in the atmosphere. The plastic and aluminium alternatives can prove to be toxic to the environment. So, here is your chance to reduce chemical exposure.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

The glass water pipes are easier to clean. Several cleaning agents are available in the market from acetone to rubbing alcohol to specially designed cleaners; you can clean it easily. Acrylic pipes and bongs, on the other hand, are much harder to clean. But the glass pipes can be cleaned to the point where they look new.

So, go ahead and get yourself a glass pipe if you are thinking about investing in a new smoking device.