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Companies Leading The Way in Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is becoming a really hot topic these days, and there are even a few companies other there that not only support this notion, but are also pushing for their employees to have the proper balance in their life. It seems like more and more businesses are starting to understand that if their employees can strike a solid work-life balance they become happier people and are actually more productive at work.

It is exciting that more companies are getting on board with this notion and majority are seeing excellent results, and are becoming the place that a lot of people want to work. This means that when there is a job opening, they have a lot more applications and can be picky with who they choose to hire. People’s lives have never been busier, and working for a company that offers a good work-life balance is something that a lot of people are looking for.

So, have a read on below at some of the companies that are currently leading the way in work-life balance, these are certainly some great companies that a lot of people really want to work for:


When you think of a tech company that strikes a good work-life balance, you probably think of Google with the slides and the sleep pods and other cool stuff like that, with this is something that Slack isn’t. They didn’t deck out their offices with the latest and the greatest, instead they have the notion work hard and go home. This is actually proved to be very effective strategy and most employees have left the HQ office by around 6.30pm.

They don’t expect employees to work extended hours, but when they are at work, or during work hours, they should work hard to get the job done. This means that when they get home, they can actually be present in their own lives and don’t have to continue working or be constantly checking and replying to emails or messages.


It can be difficult to offer a solid work-life balance, especially to those that are working shifts in a fast-passed retail job, and not a typical full time job in an office, but this is something Target has managed to achieve for the employees working in their retail stores. Employees have been known to comment on the amazing flexibility of shifts and they are able to easily change their shifts if something comes up at the last minute.


Hospitality is usually one of the worst industries for achieving solid work-life balance, but it looks like coffee company Starbucks is going against the grain here. The company has been able to find a good work-life balance by providing a solid culture and ensuring that employee happiness is one of their top priorities. Another thing that is great about Starbucks is that they also care a lot about employee’s professional development, which helps keep retention rates high.


Employees have said that love working at Etsy due to the inclusion and diversity that is offered in the workplace. Diversity is a pretty big issue at the moment that a lot of businesses are trying to make an active effort to do, but with Etsy it just comes naturally, and they don’t really even have to think about it.

Etsy is pretty strong with the notion that working all the time doesn’t actually make you more productive, which has allowed for all employees to find a really good work-life balance. As well as this, Etsy is also known for it’s great benefits and compensation.