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How To Be A Generous Lover

You may have heard the term ‘generous lover’ and might be confused about what it means or how to make it describe you. In reality, both partners in a sexual relationship should be generous lovers, in the sense that it is about maximising the pleasure of the other and allowing them to do the same for you.

The following will look at some ways you can try to be a generous love in the bedroom.

Ask them what they like

This may sound obvious, but for many people, it isn’t. Some people think that talking about what sexual acts they want to be performed makes things awkward, but it really doesn’t. Sex can become boring quickly if neither party talks about what really turns them on. Be prepared for someone to reject things they aren’t comfortable with and invite them to ask you for certain things too. When you give someone what they want, they will be more likely to return the favour, making for a mutually satisfying sexual experience.

Be mindful of time spent on different activities

Basically, try to be fair in how much you do for one another. For example, you shouldn’t expect a partner to perform oral on you for 20 minutes if you only do it for 5 minutes to them, that’s not really fair when you think about it. Being mindful of the other person’s pleasure is key to being a generous lover, not just focusing on what gets you off.

Learn to get pleasure from their pleasure

The easiest way to be a generous lover is to realise that you will probably get more aroused when you realise you are genuinely satisfying the other person. It feels good to hear someone else moaning your name and complimenting you on your abilities to pleasure them.