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How To Rekindle Sex With Your Partner

No couple is going to remain with the same level of sexual activity throughout the relationship, and it’s unrealistic to expect it. As you and your partner get more used to each other, you realise that your partnership in life is about more than just sex and you value another for more profound reasons.

With that said, it does not mean there aren’t good ways to spice up the sex life again if you both desire it. The following are a few ways you can rekindle your sex life with your partner.

1.   Do it in a new place

Sometimes the location you have sex can help spice things up. Your house is full of places you can have sex, and as long as you can maintain privacy, then there’s nothing wrong with having sex somewhere unconventional.

Sex in the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry, or even in the backyard at night could all be exciting new experiences for you. Try to be spontaneous about it and ask your partner if they want to have sex while they are in that room doing something else, as the suddenness of it could be a real turn on for both of you.

2.   Research some new things to try

You may think you know all the moves, but there’s a lot out there for you to discover that will make you go “I want to try that!” Trying new things is always exciting, so it’s an easy way to spice things up in a sexual context.

3.   Discuss

Communication is critical in any relationship, and speaking about any intimacy issues you have is always a good idea. Sometimes misconceptions about how your partner feels can affect your own sex drive, so being on the same page can actually help rekindle things.