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Powerful Business Women To Take Note Of

If you are looking to get into the world of business, no matter what particular niche, then there are a lot of different people you can look up at and get advice from. The great news if you are a young woman trying to make it in the business world, is that now more then ever there are more women in powerful positions that can offer great advice.

While every person and their journey are certainly going to be different, it is still important that you get as much advice as possible. It will help you learn and understand what are the most important aspects to being successful. No matter what field you are looking to get into, there is bound to be a woman dominating, and you can look to her for guidance.

There are a lot of powerful business women out there, so have a read on below to more information in relation to just a select few:

Reema Khan

Reema Khan is the CEO of s.h.a.p.e.s Brow Bar, which is a company that has grown quite quickly and they are now operating on an international level. Reema Khan first started her Brow Bar in Chicago and set small, yet realistic goals for herself and her business. She didn’t jump straight out of the blocks, she took small and calculated steps to improve her chances of success.

Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams works for one of the biggest social media platforms in the world, LinkedIn, as the Connection Director. LinkedIn is a great place for business people to connect and network and she believes this is something that is very important for all women’s careers. Networking doesn’t have to be formal either; you should be taking every opportunity you get to network.

Helen Gurley Brown

One of the biggest magazines in the world is Cosmopolitan, and Helen Gurley Brown was the Editor in Chief for over 30 years. She was also an author herself, and unfortunately passed away at the age of 90. Helen Gurley Brown believed in the value of just doing your best. It is always important to try your best, and this is something many of us learn in primary school, but may have forgotten about.

Maria Castanon Moats

Maria Castanon Moats is the Chief Diversity Officer at PricewaterhouseCoopers. She also believes strongly in the power of networking and says that it is important for people to find mentors and others that they are able to lean on throughout their career. There is likely to be a lot of ups and downs throughout your career, so having a mentor can be really helpful to offer some guidance.

Sheryl Sandberg

This is a name you may know, as she is a regular on the Forbes list of most powerful women in the world. Sheryl Sandberg is the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook. She explains that it is important that you understand who you are as a person and you aren’t afraid to talk about your weaknesses as well as your strengths. This is one of the ways you can build stronger connections with others and become a great leader.

Jenna Fagnan

Jenna Fagnan knows what it takes to work in a fairly male dominated industry; she is the President of Tequila Avion, which operates in the spirit industry (if you didn’t already guess from the name). She gives advice saying that it is okay to make mistakes and women should try not to be perfectionists all the time. It is important to learn from the mistakes in the past and become a better person.