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How To Use Body Language To Enhance Your Confidence

It might sound strange at first but altering your body language is an excellent way to improve your overall confidence. Body language is one of the subtle ways that we communicate with other people and set the tone for our interactions and influence how others perceive us.

Of course, total confidence in yourself needs to come from more than just your body language. However, combining good body language with other techniques can make you a much more confident person overall.

Take a look at the following ways you can alter your body language to enhance your confidence.

Maintain a good posture

Issues with posture are not just physical by psychological as well. There’s a reason people use phrases like “keep your head up” and “stand tall” when trying to motivate confidence in others because carrying yourself like a confident person actually creates confidence.

Maintain eye contact when talking to people

Eye contact is a huge part of confidence, not only for yourself but also the confidence other people have in what you are telling them. When you look at someone directly when telling them something, they will either meet your gaze (or more often) turn away because they are less comfortable. When they turn their eyes away, it is a submissive act and gives you control in the conversation, enhancing your confidence in yourself.

Strike a power pose

The idea of striking a power pose might feel a little silly at first, but there is a good reason people talk about it. It does not need to be something exaggerated like in Hollywood films, all you need to do is find a private spot and briefly strike a powerful stance that acts as a confident ‘reset’ of your body, ready for the task ahead.