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How to Determine What Products Will Sell Well on Amazon

Wanting to start a business that will sell like hotcakes? Amazon is the top online shopping destination for small scale businesses to gain access to an abundance of customers across the globe. The retailer contains a plethora of different categories and subcategories of products in which you can find your niche that will be a hit with the customers. The key to selling a good product is finding a product that is unique, in a category high in demand and without big competition.

Here are a few tips to help determine what products will sell well on Amazon.

Research, Research, ResearchA woman sitting at a desk with her hand on her chin frowning at her laptop as she researches what will sell well on Amazon

Look into what products sell well through Amazon itself as the site itself shows what works and what does not. By looking at what makes a product profitable, this will enhance your ability to scope what of your products will sell well. You can look at other small scale and similar retailers to determine what products will do well. You can even look at the way product information is being presented on other similar product pages on Amazon. This is to determine how the display of the product attracts customers to the product and somehow implement it into your business.

Make sure to do research on shipping costs and the fees of Amazon sellers to determine how much you should spend on the product. You can even look at the historical trends of similar products to determine what made the product successful such as keyword and sales trends. By looking through every source Amazon and similar online retailers can provide, you will have a product with ingredients for success.

Consider the CompetitionA man typing on his laptop while a woman next to him write in a notebook what they have found about their Amazon competition.

If there are competitors that are from much bigger brands, it is best to sell a different type of product as they are more likely for customers to buy from them.  By removing major competition, this will increase your chances of being seen and bought by customers. To avoid competition, the product should be ranked 5000 or less within the Amazon Best Seller. Make sure that the keyword being searched is not popular and used in at least less than 10,000 searches monthly. Items that can be easily searched using keywords that do not have large results will make your product more visible and likely to be bought on Amazon.

The Product is Customizable to a TSomeone with their credit card in hand looking at a laptop screen with customizable Amazon products.

Not many Amazon products out there give options for you to direct how the product will be made. With customization even giving options to modify the colour, shape, size, personalized writing can give the product the extra mile to customers. Customers in turn feel special and in control of the presentation of the product. With this adjustment you can also charge extra and in this way, gaining further profits from the customization of the product. Look at competitors to help know what would be beneficial to customize and improve from the negative reviews featured on their page.

Find a Unique Product That is Rare On AmazonA woman sitting on the floor with her laptop and magazines around her selling her unique product on Amazon.

Look for gaps within the marketplace that Amazon may be lacking. For instance, by making titles that are specific including details such as colour and style this can led to reduced search results. This makes it easier for people to find your product. It is good to look out for small-scale sellers where there are a lot of handmade, unique pieces. A few good examples include Etsy and Spocket. You can even look at customer reviews to see what kind of products are popularly desired. People do tend to look for authenticity when it comes to buying a product so if there is a gap based on research in the market, get on board. This will decrease the number of competitors you have to wrestle with online, getting you ahead of the game.

Products That Will Be Useful All YearBags filled with Amazon products that will be useful all year.

Some products are better for specific seasons and holidays in the year which will only generate profit for small spikes within the year. Examples of this include Santa ornaments during Christmas or pumpkin décor for Halloween. Products that are used seasonally are only profitable for certain times hence when selling a product on Amazon make sure it will sell well consistently for your business to thrive throughout the year.

Look at Categories That Have More Than One Best Sellers Rank ResultTwo smiling women lying down looking at the Amazon Best Seller Rank categories on a laptop.

Amazon items that have a high rating of Best Sellers Rank (BSR) means that the product is high in-demand. This will allow you to have a product that will be popular amongst customers leading to good profit for the business. Amazon products that are shown to sell well include books, clothing, accessories, toys, games and electronics. By selling the type of items that have a high Best Sellers ranking this is good for the likelihood of the products doing well.

Finding Products That Are Easy to Create and DeliverDelivery man standing with Amazon package at the door while a man opens the door and smiles.

The best products on Amazon to sell are those that are easy to manufacture. This will be good to make the most out of profit and quick to keep in stock especially when there is a demand for product.  By having easily made products, this will make the process of obtaining the items a lot simpler. This makes the product timely and efficient to be made.

Products that are not only easy to make but lightweight will be good for when shipping the product to customers on Amazon. This is because it will be faster to deliver which will in turn make customers happy to receive the product quickly. In addition to this, the lighter the product the cheaper are shipping costs to deliver the product. This will save you extra costs you can put towards supply, marketing and other business expenses.

Communicate With CustomersA group of women sitting at a table with a laptop to communicate with their Amazon customers.

Use all the tools Amazon provides including reviews and messages received from customers. This feedback will allow you to work to improve on your product and fill any gaps your customers require. By showing you can communicate with your customers, this will create good repour and loyal customers to keep them buying your product. Good communication that is shown with customers online will provide reassurance for customers to know their products are made with consideration for the customers.

Wrapping UpWoman with her hand on her chin sitting at her laptop smiling because her Amazon products are selling.

There is an abundance of factors that will determine what will get a product to sell. By doing research of the marketplace and implementing that in manufacturing that product, this will improve that profitability for the business. The best products are those that do not have high competition, that is unique and easy to make and deliver are what will help increase the chances of a product selling well. A product that can also ship easily, high in demand and is sold at an approved price will be beneficial to your Amazon online store. Above all it is essential to have a product that is tailored to the needs of your customers either through customization or improved upon the reviews of the product is what will make your business stand out from its competitors.

If you are a business owner thinking of selling on Amazon, we have just given you all the tools you need to sell your business!