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Four companies that are helping save the ocean


Ichcha’s ‘Coral Scarf’, a hand-dyed scarf, inspired from the colors of coral reefs, makes a bold statement – that we need to see the beauty of coral reefs, which are becoming closer to extinction due to ocean pollution and overfishing. To make their customers aware of this issue, Ichcha is also giving 1% of the money raised from the product to Reel Life Foundation, an organization helping the planet through coral restoration.

Saltwater Tribe 

The Saltwater Tribe takes debris from the ocean and gives them a second life. Their eco-friendly products range from coffee cups to t-shirts. Using materials that are from the sea, their products highlight the importance of ocean preservation. The products’ proceeds go to Tangaroa Blue, an organization passionate about getting rid of marine debris from our oceans.

Oceanum Vela 

Oceanum Vela’s products uses recycled sails from the ocean to make tote and duffle bags to throw pillows. These products give back to the sea as they make our waters just a little bit cleaner. The founder of the brand created Oceanum Vela after her experience working in the sailing industry. After seeing so much waste on our waters, she decided to find a way to repurpose and reuse the sails that are from old racing boats.

Planet Love Life 

Planet Love Life is on a mission to get rid of dangerous fishing nets by making them into bracelets. Their mission is to wrap nets around your wrists and not around a fish’s neck. All the proceeds from the products go towards their ocean awareness and clean-up products. Each bracelet is designed with a particular ocean animal in mind giving you a variety to to choose your spirit ocean animal.

These four companies are doing an excellent service by contributing towards regenerating ocean health. With the deterioration of our seas due to human-made activity such as pollution and overfishing, it is our duty of care to do our part in restoring our ocean to optimal health. These organizations are spreading awareness of ocean perseveration, encouraging us to take the plunge to help our fellow man and our fellow planet. We urge you to support these impactful brands and learn how you can help bring the ocean back to life. The dolphins and fishes will thank you for it!