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How WikiPro is Helping Businesses Drastically Improve Their Customer Relations

Communicating effectively with customers is of paramount importance for businesses of all industries. The methods which are used to maintain these communications are something that businesses should consider in great depth. Innovative company WikiPro is providing a solution for communicating with clients, easily, effectively and in a way that they value. Through allowing businesses to text their customers from their business phone number, they are helping to improve customer satisfaction and streamline the exchange of information between business and client.

This may surprise you, but 85% of customers actually prefer to text a company rather than call or email them. This is mostly due to the convenience of being able to quickly contact them on the go and in any situation. If your business has not implemented a method for allowing them to do this, you may be missing out on valuable interactions and may even be losing customers and revenue to other businesses who do have the option to text them. WikiPro allow for companies to create a seamless and effective text messaging service for their business and provides them with the opportunity to connect with their customers in an extremely valuable way.

Mobile phone usage only continues to increase in popularity. Almost everyone has one available to them at any time of the day. This constant use of mobile phones and the availability of them to a customer is something that many businesses are beginning to realize they can utilize. Through communicating with customers via text, they are much more accessible and are often more likely to complete actions such as payment or leaving a review if it is made convenient to them. The ability for a customer to interact with a business wherever they happen to be at the time of contact is extremely valuable to consumers. This streamlined method of communication will help create more leads and increase customer satisfaction for your company.A woman sitting at a desk with a laptop texting a business using WikiPro with the phone in her hand.

WikiPro comes with a variety of benefits that can all be used to improve customer relations. The main benefit is the landline/ VOIP texting function that allows a business to engage with customers. The texting service can allow you to request online reviews, request payments, send reminders, create SMS marketing campaigns and much more. Using your business number, customers can engage with your team in a convenient way and get fast answers to any of their questions right to their phone. The shared inbox gives your entire team access to customer conversations so that you can collaborate and efficiently interact with your leads and customers. For those customers who require more than a text, voice and video call is also available with WikiPro.

With WikiPro, the hassle of waiting on hold for a company to respond to your simple question is no more. Updates, requests, deals and more are instead delivered straight to your device with a quick text. For a consumer, this makes dealing with a company stress-free and convenient. For a business, this chance to increase customer satisfaction is not something to be missed.