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How FeverWarn Infrared Thermometers Are Beating the Competition Thanks to OPX Technology

Detecting fever is extremely important in this day and age. The most innovative and accurate thermometer technology is essential for ensuring that the frequency of miscalculations significantly declines so that results can be guaranteed accurate every single time. The FeverWarn infrared thermometer utilizes OPX technology to ensure that an accurate reading is achieved every time and in any environment. Here are some reasons why these thermometers are beating the competition.

Body Heat Rather Than Skin Heat is Determined

The most unique feature about the FeverWarn infrared thermometer is that instead of simply detecting skin heat, it detects the body heat. A reading of body heat is the one that is necessary for determining if an individual has a fever as skin heat can vary depending on the environment the individual is in. FeverWarn’s technology ensures that a more accurate reading is determined from the body heat of the potentially ill individual.

They Work in Any Environment

No matter if you are checking temperatures on a boiling hot summer’s day or on a cold and winter snow day, the FeverWarn infrared thermometer’s ability to determine body heat rather than skin heat will give you a more accurate reading every time. On top of this, the use of infrared technology and the self-serve nature of the product ensures that human intervention is not required when dealing with potentially ill individuals. It is also able to provide an accurate reading on anyone in ways that other thermometers can’t.

They Utilise the Latest Technologies

OPX technology and a self-serve temperature checker characterize the FeverWarn thermometer. Instead of relying on handheld thermometers to predict temperatures, the FeverWarn thermometer calculates temperature from an individual’s wrist or fist. This provides a more accurate reading of body temperature and also reduces the need for human interaction.

They Reduce the Likelihood of False Readings

As the environment is likely to affect your skin temperature, ensuring that body temperature is read instead will ensure a more accurate reading. As the thermometer reads the wrist rather than the forehead, it also removes potentially impeding factors such as sweat, makeup, hair, or head coverings. These factors may result in less accurate results with a standard forehead thermometer. FeverWarn removes these barriers and decreases the likelihood of a false reading.

They Have a Range of Unique and Practical Features


There are various models available in the FeverWarn infrared thermometer and each comes with a unique set of features. These features include a colored screen that displays the results in a range of font sizes and flashes red or green, a built-in buzzer/alarm, a mobile app, OPX proprietary sensor technology, wireless connectivity, automatic product updates, calibration, data storage methods, and much much more. You can also opt for a range of other features such as a stand or USB outlet depending on the model that you order.


The FeverWarn infrared thermometer has quickly emerged as a state of the art thermometer that is the best in the industry for accurately reading temperatures. For an affordable price, this thermometer is a must-have for anyone looking to check the temperatures of individuals in a precise and functional manner.