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Feeling a Hint Of a Fever? The Benefits of an Infrared Thermometer

With the hit of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to record temperatures on the go is needed more than ever. Introducing the infrared thermometer, which is a gun looking device which measures the temperature of an object it targets through point and shooting its surface.

This recording tool is highly useful in many different situations, it is a quick and accurate way to record temperatures, and you can look over the results over time to see trends in temperature. With these alluring features, the infrared thermometer is a force not to be reckoned with. Here we have listed out the advantages of using an infrared thermometer to record the temperature.

Here are the seven benefits of an infrared thermometer:


infrared thermometer

You can get an exact reading of your temperature right away with an infrared thermometer. The device can be held from a distance making it more effective as a temperature measuring device. According to Neonics the temperature range should gravitate from 1-2% of your body temperature making it a convenient way to precisely and quickly record a person’s temperature. To ensure the reading is at its most accurate be aware of the emissivity setting making sure it is not too low or too high. Another tip is do not take the temperature with another surface e.g., glass, water, etc. as the device records immediately to the targeted object. It is also important to keep a note of the bordering environment such as smoke, frost, or fog which can affect the accuracy of the reading which is more accurate in calmer weather.

Used in several different settings

Infrared thermometers can quickly measure temperature without needing to be in close contact with the object doing the temperature check. Infrared thermometers are fast in its reading which is an advantage if you need to measure temperature right away. This is essential to prevent the possible risk of burns or scalding. They can also be used in different settings such as kitchens, gardens, homes, and workplaces. These measuring devices are perfect for a range of different industries including cooking, agriculture, engineering, and medicine.

You can see the trend of temperature readings over time

You can see the trend of temperature readings over time

Infrared thermometers can input readings into the system to save into the devices’ memories. This ensures you can see the trends of temperatures over time. You can also go back to a previous reading to record it into your system. This is perfect to help you understand how overtime the recorded temperatures have been at certain periods of time.

Convenient to use

Infrared thermometers are easy and can record someone’s temperature in just a few steps. You simply turn on the device, get it near the target keeping a safe distance, point the device to the target, and press the button to get a reading that appears on the screen. With this simple application for recording temperatures, you will not even have to lift a single finger.  The reading is shown in just a few seconds making it efficient to use. You can also clean and disinfect the device quite easily due to its non-contact function.

You won’t have to worry about it running out of battery quickly

The infrared thermometer has an intelligent shutdown feature saving battery and making it easy to not have to recharge the appliance consistently. With the device, not much power is consumed therefore you are able to use the measuring device again and again without any hassles. The measuring tool also includes a low power reminder to update you whether you need to replace the battery making sure you always have a good charge with the product.

Prevents the risk of harm or illness

Prevents the risk of harm or illness

You can easily check if someone’s temperature is below or above average ensuring you are safe from a potential risk of developing a cold. You can screen body temperatures to be able to detect if someone in close contact has a high temperature of over 35.7o C.  In this case, this person could be potentially ill and get sent home preventing other people from developing the sickness. As the infrared thermometer’s function is to record accurate temperatures from a distance, this prevents the possible risk of burns or scalding. It also works to prevent contamination by being able to measure hot food items from far away. The infrared thermometer is safe to use giving you peace of mind that you are protected and prevented from potential exposure to disease.

There are a variety of advantages to using an infrared thermometer for your business. It can prevent disease or be put in harmful situations, being able to accurately record whether someone has an above-average temperature. It can be used in many different industries across the workplace, making the infrared thermometer widely applicable. They are simple to use and include many functions such as power saving and the ability to save recorded results. With all these benefits, it’s too hot not to miss out on!