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7 Things You Might Be Looking For When Searching For CVS Near Me

When you search for “CVS near me” on the internet, there are going to be different ways you can go about it to achieve different aims. Depending on your aim, the search terms you are going to use will be different, and this will affect the results you get.

The Google search algorithm works by examining your search intent and matching it with the best possible results. The more specific your search terms are, the more specific your results will be.

The following will examine some of the different intents you might have when searching for a variation of “CVS near me”.

7 CVS Near You

1. Location closest to you

Of course, the most obvious search intent of searching for “a CVS near me” is that you are trying to find the location of a nearby store location that you can go to for whatever your needs happen to be. You might also use the search terms “CVS drugstore near me”.

Using a term like “the closest CVS near me” is actually pretty redundant, since the search term without “the closest” would give you basically the same result. When your search for something that is in close proximity to you in Google, it will automatically show you the nearest possible result based on your IP location.

You may also be looking for a “CVS minute clinic near me”, indicating that you want to find the medical clinic subsidiary under the same corporate umbrella. It can be a very convenient option when you can’t see your regular healthcare practitioner.

Hispanic Americans would likely benefit from using the search term “CVS y mas near me” to find one of the store locations specialized to them.

Of course, you would not rely on either of these options in an emergency situation. You should definitely dial 911 in a medical emergency.

Another reason that is not medically related as to why you might go to this pharmacy is that you are looking to use the movie rental machine Redbox. For this, you might use the search terms” Redbox near me CVS” or “Redbox CVS near me”.

2. Locations in a certain state/city/town

You might be seeking to find out information on the different locations within a certain region, such as a state, city, or town.

If you were searching in Wichita, Kansas, then you might use the search term “CVS in Wichita KS”. If you were in the state of New Jersey, then you might use the search term “CVS near me NJ”.

If you were travelling to Atlanta for a trip, then you might want to know where a local pharmacy was when you arrived. In this case, you might use the search term “CVS near me Atlanta”.

Perhaps you are going on a holiday in Miami and want to know where to get pharmaceutical drugs once you get there. Well, then you might use the search term “CVS near me Miami”. If your destination was Tampa, then you could always switch the search terms to “CVS near me Tampa”.

Maybe you were moving to Dallas, Texas and once you got settled, you wanted to look up where some local stores are. When you want to find a pharmacy, you could use the search term “CVS near me Dallas”. Alternatively, if you had moved to Austin, then you might use the search term “CVS near me Austin”.

If you were in Charlotte, North Carolina and you wanted to find the nearest pharmacy, then you might use the search term “CVS near me Charlotte NC”.

For those living in Arizona and you wanted to know where to find a pharmacy once you hit the big city, you would probably use a search term like “CVS near me Phoenix”.

On the West Coast, you might be looking for a pharmacy in the main metropolitan centres of California. In this case, you could use the search terms “CVS near me Los Angeles” and “CVS near me San Jose”.

For the capital of Michigan, you could use “CVS near me Detroit”. For all of Oklahoma, you can use the search terms “CVS near me OKC”.

Those are just some examples of the types of search phrases you might employ to find a CVS store that was located near to your location at the time of searching. In truth, you don’t need to add the name of the place you are in for the search to show you to same results. For example, searching for “CVS near me” in Detroit is just as effective as searching for “CVS near me Detroit”.

3. Jobs

Another reason you could be searching for this type of store is that you are looking to find employment. This is a respectable organization to work for and likely has many different roles on offer that could suit someone with the necessary drive and experience.

They have a wide variety of roles available that cover many areas including Aetna, analytics, beauty, brand innovation/design, corporate, customer care, digital, distribution, HealthHUB, information technology, international, military, MinuteClinic, nursing, part-time, pharmacist, pharmacy tech, remote, retail store, and more.

With the organization being so large and having so many different components to it beyond a normal retail enterprise, it’s no surprise that there are many career opportunities for a motivated person to look into. It is an organization that supports and encourages diversity in its ranks, so literally anyone can likely find a role as long as they have the right passion and experience.

The company has a robust jobs portal that has a lot of information for those interested in applying.

Anyone who uses the search terms “CVS jobs near me”, or “CVS hiring near me” will likely find themselves visiting this career portal.

Some jobs will be tougher to get into than others and will all depend on the applicant’s qualifications and experience. For example, a full-time pharmacist would need a lot more experience and qualifications than a marketing assistant.

4. Opening hours

Another thing that you may look for when it comes to this company is the times that nearby stores are open. You may be searching for the specific opening times, or you may be trying to see if there is a 24-hour pharmacy open close to you.

For general enquiries about opening times, you might use the search terms “CVS hours near me”.

There’s a wide range of search terms you can use to find a 24-hour store. When you search for “CVS 24 hours near me”, it means that you are trying to find one that is going to always be open for you, and a more specific search term might be “24 hour CVS pharmacy near me”.

There could be a wide array of reasons why you want to find a “24 hr CVS near me”. Maybe you need something that you have run out of in the middle of the night, such as a certain prescription that is very important that you take consistently.

Finding a “24-hour CVS near me” would prove to be extremely convenient for you if you needed something from the store outside regular daytime operating times.

When you search for “CVS pharmacy open 24 hours near me”, you will be trying to find a store that is set up to run overnight. This means having special staff working unusual hours overnight so that when you search for “CVS near me 24 hour” you will get results of places that you can go to.

Searching for something like “CVS near me 24 hours open” is redundant since it would always be open. Using a local search term should help you in finding all of the local stores that are running overnight, and it can be useful to know this information in case you really need to use their services in the middle of the night.

5. Face mask and sanitizer

Another very important reasons to look for this type of store located close to you is in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone needs to use hand sanitizer and a face mask to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

It makes sense that people would try to find both of these key items by going to their local pharmacy. Because of the high demand of these items, they may seek to include them in their search to check whether or not the location near them actually has any in stock.

The search terms “CVS face mask near me” and “hand sanitizer CVS near me” are both useful search terms for those seeking PPE (personal protective equipment) in close proximity to them. Google giving them a fast and accurate result is important, as the sooner people get these essential items the sooner they can help stop the spread of the virus and protect themselves and others.

Those who are looking for the specialized PPE might want to use the search terms like “n95 mask near me CVS”. However, the FDA says that n95 devices are not recommended for use by the general public as supplies need to be reserved for medical first responders and health care works, according to the current guidelines of the CDC.

6. Contact details

Another thing people may be looking for in Google is the contact details of their local CVS pharmacy. For this, they would probably use search terms like “CVS number near me” or “CVS near me number”.

Finding out the contact details to call up the store can be very important for people who need information about something related to their prescription or anything else. Having the number will allow people to easily call and ask the questions they need to ask.

7. Products and services

Naturally, anyone who is using the search term “CVS near me” likely wants to benefit from their products and services in one way or another. The following will go into some more detail about the products and services that are available at this store.

Over-the-counter drugs

There are many over-the-counter drugs that someone might want when they go to this pharmacy store. This can include everything from cough-syrup, painkillers, topical balms, and much more.

As the name implies, these drugs can be purchased off the shelf and do not require a prescription from a doctor to obtain. This means you can walk in and buy whatever you want and use it at home with the assumption you will use it correctly and be responsible for yourself.

Unfortunately, many over-the-counter drugs have been abused and have led to addiction, or worse, used as ingredients in the making of narcotics. Because of this, several of these drugs have been moved “behind the counter”.

“Behind the counter” means that the drugs are not stored on shelves for anyone to access and can only be given to customers at the discretion of the pharmacist. The pharmacist can only sell a limited amount to any individual person, and they require a photo ID to make this sale. This measure has been taken in the hopes of limiting the ability for someone to abuse or misuse these drugs.

Beauty products and cosmetics

Like most pharmacies around the world, CVS also sells beauty and cosmetic products to its customers. Those looking for makeup, shampoos, fragrances etc. can find them when they search for a “CVS near me”.

Some of these products may also have a medical utility, such as a shampoo that combats head lice or dandruff.

Photofinishing services

Someone looking for “CVS near me” might also want to take their photos their to have them printed out and framed. This is a very popular service at the store since everyone has photos of their cherished memories that they want to get printed out so they can frame them around their home.

Seasonal merchandise and greeting cards

When you look for “CVS near me” around the holidays, you might be looking for some cute seasonal merchandise like novelty gifts, treats, flowers, or greeting cards. It’s a great place to rush in when you’re on the way to a holiday gathering, and you forgot to bring something festive.


MinuteClinic is the convenience care clinic located inside or adjacent to the main pharmacy. They are also found in some Target stores, and it accepts most insurance plans.

How can the pharmacist help you?

If you search for “CVS near me”, then you may be trying to engage the services of one of their pharmacists. There are plenty of ways that a pharmacist can help you, including:

Medicinal advice

Pharmacists are able to help you in choosing which drugs from the store (over-the-counter) will be best to help you with whatever medical issue you have. They will be able to recommend different brands and give you advice on how to administer different medications. They are great listeners and will let you describe your issues to them and come back to you with the best answer.

Preparing and supplying prescription medications

If your doctor has written a prescription for you to take a certain medication, then the pharmacist is the person you take the script to. Often these prescriptions can be sent electronically to the pharmacist so they can prepare it for you by the time you arrive in the store. It is your job to collect the medication from them and take it the way that the doctor explained to you.

Advice for babies and children

Pharmacists are also able to give advice on how to treat medical issues that commonly affect newborn babies and children.

Advice on treating minor wounds

Pharmacists are able to help you with the treatment of minor injuries and give instruction on using dressings/compression garments etc.


If you are looking for a “CVS near me”, then you might want to know something about the history of the company. While you don’t necessarily need to know the company’s background, it’s something that is worth learning about.

When it was founded in 1963 in Massachusetts, it was known as the Consumer Value Store. At that time, the company was owned by the Melville Corporation. This ended when the current parent company was formalized in 1996.

In the beginning, many of the stores did not actually contain the pharmacies that the brand is best known for today. Nowadays, it is very rare for a store to be constructed without a pharmacy, and the shops that don’t have pharmacies today are being slowly phased out of existence. If a store is built without a pharmacy, it is usually because it is very close to another store that has one.

Since its inception, the brand has become the largest chain in the United States with almost 10,000 locations across the country. The parent company is one of the largest corporations in the United States, and its lead competitor Walgreens trails behind by a significant margin.


As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to searches for “CVS near me”. Hopefully, the information above proves to be useful to you.

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