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Why Businesses Love to Receive Glowing Mobile Reviews

When it comes to the domain of reviews in the modern commerce industry, the advent of mobile phone use has completely altered the landscape for brands big and small.

Although feedback through other devices like tablets, laptops, and desktops still carry the same value and currency, it is advantageous for organizations to seek out the smartphone user.

We will delve into the benefits for enterprises in this domain and discuss why this department is a key focus for owners and managers who need to maximize their digital exposure to the masses.

Most Online Traffic Conducted Via Mobile

It is no wonder why companies court reviews from mobile users considering the sheer volume of devices that exist out there? A recent study has indicated a staggering 5.15 billion mobiles in circulation around the world with over 50% of all online traffic conducted through this medium. This tipping point would be reached in 2016 while the following years would only gravitate to this medium. If brands are able to offer a user-friendly portal for leaving feedback and ratings on their handheld device, then they are servicing the biggest constituency of them all.

Instant Notifications

The good news for organizations that receive a majority of their reviews through mobile users is that they can be notified in real-time once the feedback has gone live. Especially for those who work in marketing and management where the data is critical to their campaigning and messaging, then they can identify where the consensus is heading and respond to any issues immediately. Often the concern for SMEs is that they don’t have the resources or awareness to act on problems, but a greater contingent of smartphone customers will deliver on that count.

Assessing Customer Online Activity

A clever insight that brands have identified with reviews through this platform is that they can assess the behaviors and activity of their constituents. Whether it is via unique apps that have sections for feedback to sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tripadvisor, Yelp! or Airbnb or beyond, operators can see where the traffic is heading and what types of demographics use those outlets for their digital interaction with their brand. That is essential information that can inform marketing and messaging campaigns moving forward.

Concise & Consolidated Data Sets

Brands don’t need to be chasing their tail sourcing their reviews when mobile users leave feedback about their business performance. They can see exactly where these opinions have been published and what that opinion says about their business performance. Professionals who work in the customer service department can collate this information and run analysis and insights over their value. This is a worthwhile exercise for outlets that want to be responsive to participants.

Quicker Review Process

It always helps customers when they have a chance to leave reviews through simple online access points like a Facebook page or a Google account. Rather than waiting for individuals to enjoy their product or service and venture home to use a desktop, laptop, or tablet device, individuals can leave their feedback just as they receive the good news at the location. That turnaround time is a driving factor for these ratings when it comes to their quality and their quantity. The longer the time is left between the experience and the publishing of feedback, the lower the chances that they will bother logging in and detailing their response

Receiving glowing reviews through mobile phone users is what businesses are striving for in the modern age, but even bad ratings should be considered valuable information for making important brand alterations. This is a constituency that is expanding each year and companies need to make this domain a priority to stay competitive and expand their reach to a wider audience.