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3 Industries That Are Benefitting From Remote Tank Monitoring

Businesses have become better than before. They’ve become faster. More efficient. And some could even say it’s beaten the impossible. More and more industries are moving to technology and automation as the frontier for their operations, improving the way in which we work. This is especially the case when it comes to remote tank monitoring. Remote tank monitoring has eased the workload, reduaraakced costs, and overall, improved the safety for workers across the board.

From oil and gas, manufacturing, to even the food and beverage industry, there are a range of different industries following this method. There has been a rise of companies that utilize remote tank monitoring in their services, and we will go into depth here today.

Industries Joining the Bandwagon

Rugged Telemetry is the leading company supporting a range of industries in their remote tank monitoring solutions, allowing their work to function optimally and in an instant. Taking their clients to the future, here are a list of a few of the many industries that utilise remote tank monitoring in their operations. From the beverage industry, oil and gas, as well as chemical manufacturing, this automation technology has allowed their business to run smoothly.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverages place a huge importance on society, with customers consuming dozens of these products each day. Due to the high demand and fast pace that the industry requires, automation is necessary for smoother operations and less negative comments from customers. This allows quick supply chain process, allows consumers to see the product from the manufacturing to the transportation process. In this way, customers can be satisfied making sure their food or beverage is given quickly and efficiently, as well as in the highest quality and following the government’s regulations. Mixing a range of automation solutions, remote tank monitoring allows real-time updates to make sure every step of the supply chain process from manufacturing to delivering to the customer’s door goes effortlessly.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry has tremendously improved with the help of remote tank monitoring. This is because the worksites for this field are placed in distant and out of reach areas in the country, even to be out near the ocean. The travel and costs alone can cause a huge problem for workers, having to take extensive travel which could cause job unproductivity and unsatisfaction. As these worksites are not only in remote locations but highly dangerous, this can be risky for workers operating in the factory. Not only does it reduce costs to have remote tank monitoring but it also protects the workers, increasing productivity and morale among staff.


The manufacturing industry largely benefits from remote tank monitoring. This is because it allows workers to be safe, preventing them from the injuries that could occur from monitoring in person at the site. This also allows productivity to increase, making sure the variety of sites are looked after and checked in an instant. This allows control over the company in their operations, improving cost and time for the company.