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With Gateway Alfa to the Future

Do you want to know a user-friendly software and hardware gateway to come up with your projects with a limited budget and high quality?

We want to introduce a low-cost IoT (Internet of things) gateway as a safe and reliable connection to the cloud. Gateway Alfa can be used at platform However, you could access Wi-Fi easily and control your devices remotely. Besides, you do not need to know anything regarding hardware or software programming parts.

Gateway Alfa :

As can be observed, it has an ADC port to measure analog signals from 0-10 volts, a Serial port to be connected to an external sensor and also act like a Serial-to-Cloud feature, PWM output signal to be programmed from the cloud based to achieve different duty cycles and frequencies, Form-C relay to provide ON/OFF dry contacts and Temperature sensor to control and monitor your machines.

When it comes to talking about user-friendly devices, it means users do not need to know about the protocol to connect, the way of transferring data to the cloud, and in which way the data is stored and transferred to the dashboard.

It is unbelievable that users can set up easily, reset by pressing a button and use it without technical knowledge.

Here are the gateway Alfa ports:

the gateway Alfa port

Advantages of using Gateway Alfa:

Everyone knows that IoT solutions can be very sophisticated, and very helpful in terms of time and cost. In this regard, Arshon Technology has solutions with the point of generalization and provides a software and hardware backbone to manage the service to every business that is interested in this IoT upgrade application.

Arshon’s “Gateway Alfa” is a low-cost gateway to connect your devices to the cloud. It will provide easy Wi-Fi access, and sends and receives data from multiple ports directly to the dashboard.

Easy setup and reset via pressing a button, monitoring  where they are and the status of their operation, and minimal Initial investment is needed.

  • Customized dashboard for the user, either your staff or your customers
  • Full control of your device and update your device firmware remotely
  • Tracking the location
  • Recording abuse such as dirty power
  • Environmental abuse such as exposure to very cold or very high temperature
  • Predict the failures and manage maintenance when needed
  • Collecting crucial data about all of the products and their usage, setting around the equipment, making improvements using the collected data, and controlling the operation remotely are the features

Simulating Gateway Alfa features:

The gateway has different hardware ports to match any type of system. Therefore for every condition, It would be very helpful to connect to any device. To elaborate more, operating a relay contact remotely, measuring device temperature, controlling a PWM frequency and duty cycle, as well as measuring an analog voltage using Gateway Alfa.

On the other hand, Gateway Alfa has the USB power input and also a serial port to be connected to an external sensor or this serial port can work like a Serial-to-Cloud feature. It has a push button behind it and RGB LED light to choose the mode.

Three models of outputs can be received:

  1. A PWM output signal that can be programmed from the cloud to achieve different duty cycles and frequencies
  2. A Form-C relay on board that can provide ON/OFF dry contacts to control any AC or DC signal
  3.  The temperature sensor will control and monitor your machines

The ADC output port is connected to the analog device on one side and can be displayed in the application digitally through Wi-Fi.


In a nutshell, a Gateway Alfa is user-friendly that can be utilized easily by anyone who wants to benefit from cloud connectivity without needing any engineering knowledge or software development background. All of these features of Gateway can be designed on the dashboard based on what users need and how would be preferred to demonstrate the data such as bar graphs or other types of graphs.

Author: Fatima Hanjani R&D Engineer at Arshon Technology Inc.