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What Exactly is an Onion Search Engine?

If you have just begun to start your journey into private search engines, there may be a lot that confuses you! Private search engines are the exact opposite of Google or Bing, as they do not collect your data or view what sites you visit. That is exactly why so many people are turning towards private search engines!

Yet the terminology for newbies and experts alike can be a bit confusing. You may have never heard of it before or simply didn’t think to ask, but we will be clarifying for you what exactly an onion search engine is, as well as the perks of using one.

Guaranteed Privacy and Anonymity

To put it simply, an onion search engine (sometimes also known as an onion router is a search engine that protects the privacy of each user. Your cookies are not collected and no javascript is used, meaning that you get to remain completely anonymous. In today’s world, where internet service providers and online companies can see much of everything you do, that is essential.

You might be wondering why an onion search engine is needed when some ordinary browsers offer incognito or private tabs. The truth is that incognito tabs do not actually protect your data. The sites you visit may not show up in your searches, but your internet service provider or ISP can still see where you go. In addition, your physical location is still available to websites when you are incognito.

As you can see, the only way to guarantee privacy is to use an onion search engine! Companies seeking to collect your data and learn more about you will have nothing to go on when you use the The Deep Searches private search engine, which offers an onion service that keeps your business private. Your data is yours alone…just the way it should be!

Access to the Deep Web

Another key service that an onion search engine provides is the ability to browse both the “normal” internet and the so-called “Deep Web”. The normal internet would be what you see when you type something into Google – sites pop up, advertisements appear, and you have the ability to click around and find what you want based on your search. In contrast, the Deep Web simply means sites that do not show up in the index of any online searches. The only way to find them is to have the name of the site yourself, or to find a link once you are already in the Deep Web.

The Deep Web is not as spooky as it sounds – websites that are password protected or that protect essential data would be located on the Deep Web in order to guard privacy. The beauty of an onion search engine is that it allows you to work both on the normal, surface internet as well as the Deep Web. And once again, you don’t have to worry about your data being tracked or collected!

An Onion Offers the Best of Both Worlds!

So, a private search engine that does not collect data and allows access to both the surface web and the Deep Web is all an onion search engine really is. The term may be confusing, but it doesn’t need to be! With reputable private search engines like the one shared in this article, you no longer need to worry about your data being tracked or your searches being seen.

Illegal activity is not the purpose of an onion search engine, although some may think so. It is simply meant to protect your data and give you privacy on the internet – something we could all use!