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Weight Loss Tips From Jillian Michaels

If you have found that you have gained a few extra pounds over the past and want to do something about it and actually get into shape, then there are a lot of different things you can do. If you feel like you are struggling to lose the weight you want, then it may be a good idea to get advice from some professionals or even enlist the assistance of a personal trainer.

Now, everyone doesn’t necessarily have the money to hire a personal trainer, so people look to the internet, where there is a wealth of advice out there for free. One of the best, and well known personal trainers that would be great to listen to advice from is Jillian Michaels, you may know her from The Biggest Loser. She has a lot of advice in relation to weight loss and how to keep it off for longer.

So, if you are looking to shed a few pounds and get more active, then have a read on below at some great weight loss tips from Jillian Michaels:

Mix It Up

Jillian Michaels explains that it is important to add variety to your exercises. It can quickly become boring if you are doing the same thing over and over again. If you aren’t engaged with your exercises you are more likely to stop and the weight may pile back on again. There are a lot of different ways you can get physical activity in you day, so make sure you try a few different things to see what you like the most.

Only Count Calories To Start With

Yes, counting calories is important, but what is also important is the quality of the food you are eating and the value of its nutrition. Jillian Michaels does believe that it is a good idea to count calories at the start of your weight loss journey. But as you progress through the weeks and the weight is falling off, then you start focusing more on the quality and not solely on how many calories are in the meal.

Avoid Overeating

One of the main reasons people end up over eating when trying to lose weight is that they starve themselves and get so hungry that they just can’t stop once they start eating. Obviously this is something that you want to avoid, so make sure you eat small amounts regularly. Jillian Michaels also notes that you should avoid overeating on the healthy foods as well. People think that it’s okay to eat more of a food when it is healthy, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

Consistency is Key

If you end up stopping and starting your diet and exercise then you are moving towards your goal in a zigzag method, and not a straight line, which is obviously going to take you longer to reach your end goals. So, one of the most important things to have all throughout your weight loss journey is consistency.

Jillian Michaels explains this as one of her most important rules. You should also look to set your own pace and standard, don’t try and compare yourself to what others are doing, this can cause confusion and doubt, so just focus on yourself. Consistency is also great in helping you form healthier habits.

Up The Intensity

As you continue to train and exercise, you will notice your body getting stronger. The things that you could barely do at the beginning, you can do with ease now. This is why Jillian Michaels recommends that you up your intensity of the workouts every couple of weeks, this will ensure that you are still pushing yourself.

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