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4 Ways to Get the Eyebrows of Your Dreams

A good pair of eyebrows can change the entire look of your face. The shape, color, symmetry, size, and more can all affect how you look and can communicate different things about you. They can be used to bring out your features and balance your face in a truly beautiful way. Whether your desired brows are thin or thick, dark or light, neat or unruly, these are the 4 best beauty treatments that you can get to achieve the brows that you have always hoped for.

4 Ways to Get the Eyebrows of Your Dreams

#1 MicrobladingA woman with dream eyebrows as she has had them microbladed.

One of the most popular beauty treatments that people all over the world are getting for their eyebrows is microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing. It allows you to achieve the eyebrow shape and color that you have always wanted without having to spend time filling them in yourself every single day. The process is completed through the use of a small blade, which is used to individually draw the hairs in the shape and color that you desire. The pigment is implanted under your skin with the blade in hair-like strokes that create a naturally fuller look. Microblading should be carried by a professional and experienced artist. Some level of discomfort might be felt during the procedure, but the final results are well worth it.

The microblading lasts anywhere between 1-3 years depending on your skin type and is an ideal solution for achieving full, filled in brows 24/7 without doing any work yourself. While they may need a touch up from time to time, microblading is incredibly convenient and gives you control over your brows like never before.

There are many different styles of microblading and your artist should be able to assist your decision on which one best suits your features. The artist should choose the right pigment color for your skin and aim to match your natural hair color. If you prefer darker brows, let your artist know your preference during the initial consultation, this will help you to achieve the desired results from the first session. You will also be able to approve the shape after the initial predraw and before the start of the blading process. Depending on your lifestyle, you can opt for a fluffy look or a more sleek, classic look.

All look remarkably natural and are extremely popular with people who are not necessarily gifted with full, thick eyebrows. For those of us with lighter hairs, naturally thin brows, or who are guilty of overplucking, microblading can achieve fast and convenient results that will have you looking glamorous day in and day out.

#2 Shape

If you have thick brows and you do not require additional filling through microblading or semi permanent makeup, you may want to opt for a simple eyebrow shaping session. There are countless different ways to shape your eyebrows, and trends on how to shape them are constantly changing. At the end of the day, it is your preference for how you want your brows to look, as you will have the best knowledge of your facial features and how you want your eyebrows to frame these. While thinner brows are less popular now than they were in times such as the 90s, there is a complete art and science of eyebrow measuring techniques using the golden ratio rule of thirds to give a cleaner, well defined shape that will complement your face and bring out your natural beauty.

Whether you prefer your brows to be rounded, angular, bushy, or slim, you can work with an experienced professional to achieve the shape that you want. If you are stuck for inspiration, consider drawing on a few possible options first to see how the shape might look. You can also observe the current trends in the fashion and beauty world to find what you think looks good. Another good option is to bring a picture of your dream eyebrow shape to your appointment so that your beautician can recreate exactly what you want.

While it can be tempting, avoiding plucking them yourself is usually for the best, as it is incredibly easy to mess them up. Eyebrow technicians are well trained when it comes to dealing with eyebrows and they will be able to advise you on what could be the best option for your face! You can trust them to work with you to give you the desired look.

#3 Eyebrow TintingA woman using a brush to get dream brows by colouring them.

If you are already gifted with nicely shaped brows, lucky you! You may find, however, particularly if you have lighter colored hair, that they don’t stand out quite as much as you would like them to. If you find your eyebrows are disappearing into your face, you may want to opt for a simple eyebrow tinting treatment. Color can be applied in a variety of ways, though the easiest and most popular way, besides treatments like microblading, is to dye them.

As always, it is usually best to leave it up to a professional to complete this process as they are experts in selecting the right color for you and applying it appropriately. Talk to them about how dark you are willing to go, and keep in mind that the color will most likely fade slightly after the initial treatment.

So much time is wasted daily to fill in our eyebrows with the brow pencil. A quick eyebrow tinting treatment can remove this hassle, saving you time and also avoiding frustrating smudges that can occur throughout the day or night.

An eyebrow color lasts for several weeks and will leave you with flawless, impactful eyebrows 24/7. You will be sure to get hundreds of compliments on how strikingly beautiful you look.

#4 Ombre Powder BrowsA woman with her dream powder ombre eyebrows.

The days of permanent full tattoo dark blocks are gone!Ombre or Powder brows is the latest technique that replaces the old ugly tattooed brows. The trends have changed and eyebrow tattooing has evolved into the newest powdery look- semi permanent makeup.

Not everyone is a good candidate for microblading.  Particularly if you have oily skin then microblading treatment is not recommended for you. If you have opted for eyebrow tattoo in the past, you must be regretting this decision now considering the advancement of the semipermanent makeup techniques. Tattoo removal is required before having the newest ombre brows procedure. Unlike microblading, ombre brows are performed using a digital machine that gives your brows a powdery eyebrow pencil effect.

Your permanent makeup artist will help you choose the best treatment for your skin during your initial consultation. Powder brows will last longer than microblading but are designed to fade eventually in 2-3 years. Color boost or touch up sessions are required later on to avoid fading.

ConclusionA woman with the microblading eyebrows of her dreams.

Eyebrows are serious business! Your full facial features can be changed just by the shape of your brows. You can go from a sad or serious face to a happy face by adjusting your brows’ features. Many techniques are now available to adjust symmetry, alignment, and thickness of your brows. There are many people who are known for their iconic and impressive brows and who knows, the next one could be you! With a range of highly effective procedures available to achieve the eyebrows of your dreams, the choice is yours.

Depending on what you’re already working with, in terms of your facial features and your current brows, one of these procedures is sure to get you the results that you are after. Microblading, a simple shape or tint session (or both), and ombre powder brows are some of the best ways that you can customize your brows and achieve the look that you have always desired.