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Let’s face it! What are the right eyeglass frames for you?

When purchasing eyeglass frames, it is like picking out a bridal dress. It requires an exploration before finding the perfect one for you. There are a variety of factors to consider in your purchase sources, such as the face shape and skin tone. With all these determinants in mind, you will be able to get closer to finding the perfect spectacles to suit your face. In this article, we will be determining what kind of eye glass frames that is the just right look for you.

How to tell which is the best eye glass frames for you 

Face shape 

Face shape

There are a variety of face shapes that determine the style of the eyeglass frames that are best suited to you. These face shapes include heart, oval, round, square, and triangular. A square face has more angled features with cheekbones, forehead, and jaw. For those who have a square face, it is suggested to have a thin appearance, make sure that the sides of your eyeglass frames are bigger than your cheekbones, with round or tortoiseshell spectacles will suit your face the most. Round shapes are those that have softer angles with large cheekbones, and the distance between your forehead and jaw much cheaper. Round shapes require thicker and rectangular spectacles that the bottom of your spectacles perfectly hits your cheekbones.

Those who have heart face shapes are the biggest at the forehead and get thinner up to the chin. The best shapes for heart-shaped faces are wayfarer-styled eyeglass frames, and that the width of your spectacles is bigger than your forehead to balance it out. Triangle face shapes are the opposite of a heart shape face. They get wider at the jaw and narrow up in the forehead. Those who have triangle-shaped faces could suit cat shaped spectacles to aviators. Oversized spectacles are the way to go for those who have more of an oval shape. It is important with particular face shape to balance out your look by having spectacles that will make you stand out.

Skin Tone 

Skin Tone 

Skin tone is another major factor in choosing the right eyeglass frames. Those who have warm skin typically have yellow or green undertones to the skin. When you have warmer tones, they work perfectly with warm colours ranging from beige, orange to green. Those who have cooler skin tones have the tendency to have a blue or pink undertone. Depending on your undertone, it will determine what the right style or colour of the spectacles should be right for you. Hair colour and eye colour are also another aspect that will highlight what is the appropriate shade of eyeglass frames would be for you. These features will altogether determine what colour would work for your spectacles.

perfect eyeglass frames

It is suggested that those with light skin and a warm undertone would work with a dark and simple spectacle. For those with light skin and a cool undertone, they could appreciate a more neutral and light approach – pinks and blues tend to be favoured among spectacle wearers. For darker skin with cool undertones, they can benefit from shades that are purple and pink. All these factors will determine the best option for eyewear.

The perfect eyeglass frames for you are the ones that are tailored to your overall complexion and face shape, making these important factors to consider when purchasing eyewear.