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Is Netflix Taking Over the Film Industry?

Today Netflix is probably the most used entertainment application around the world. And if we take a look at the popularity level of Netflix, almost everyone knows about it and might even have their own Netflix account too. Does that mean Netflix is taking over the film industry? I would say yes; it is taking over the industry because of several reasons.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why people tend to choose Netflix over cinemas now.


Netflix releases whole seasons instead of episodes. When a whole season comes out, it attracts people more, why? Because they don’t have to wait for another episode for a whole week. In the past binge-watching was only an option when the show had ended on TV and was available on DVDs.

Moreover, in this way production houses get to shoot many episodes altogether. And if we look at it with a critical eye, we will know that the storyline has more cohesion when all the episodes are released together rather than the traditional episode format.

Easier AccessA woman smiling and sitting on her bed with her laptop watching Netflix.

In today’s busy and tiresome routine, we always look for entertainment options that are easily accessible. Cinemas and theaters used to be fun weekend activities when friends and family had enough time to hang out and go to the movies. But, today the fastness of life has stolen that free time from many of us, and Netflix can be a good option to spend quality time with family watching shows and movies at home.

A Vast Range of Choices

No matter what genre you love watching, either it is horror or comedy, or an action or tragedy. You can find any kind of show or movie on Netflix. Netflix has been producing quality content for its viewers in almost all genres. Just search the genre and several different shows and movies will pop up on our screen.

You Are Not Bound to TV

One more thing that has made Netflix the number one choice of several people, is its distribution on all devices i.e. laptops, smartphones, television, and tablets. Just login and boom! You can start watching the show you were watching on any other devices right from where you left it previously.

PrivacyA computer screen showing the Netflix logo.

In a world where there is almost no privacy left, no matter what you do on the internet is accessible by other people. On Netflix, you can set your profile and keep it pin locked. Even the people using the same Netflix account will not be able to access your profile. Keep your favorite shows on your list and watch whatever you want without others intruding on your privacy.

With the relationship of viewers with Netflix every passing day, Netflix has become kind of decisive in both “How” and “What” we watch. Netflix algorithms are just like a rare recipe is to a company producing that edible, according to a survey, Netflix spends around $150 million every year on its algorithms. These algorithms keep the personalized functions on track and people keep getting suggestions of the shows and movies closely related to ones they watch usually. Moreover, Netflix has attracted so many producers to its platform because of its freer and more independent policies. The set of rules given by Netflix to the producers are way less strict than the filmmakers, due to which many independent producers and filmmakers have started choosing Netflix over any other platform. Nevertheless, keeping all these points under consideration it is very clear that Netflix is harming the film industry in many ways. But we should also remember that Netflix has killed those fun Saturday movie nights when we used to go out with friends to movies and make memories together.