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Are The Simpsons Really Predicting the Future?

The Simpsons has been the most-watched animated TV show for the last 30 years, and probably the most famous and loved animated family also. There has been a controversy spreading around about The Simpsons. It is seen that The Simpsons have predicted the future in many of its episodes. Many have even said that The Simpsons is a show made by time travelers – only if time-traveling really is a thing. Bill Irwin, author of “The Simpsons and Philosophy” once said:

“Many jokes reach just beyond what is real, and that is a pretty good way of setting yourself up for things that may turn out to be real in the future”

So, are these controversies true or just jokes that went beyond what was real? The Simpsons predicted the future and we didn’t notice it until the predictions became real-life events, and to be honest most of these predictions are explainable.

From Donald Trump being the president to Lady Gaga’s iconic entrance, everything might have just been a coincidence. Trump had mentioned several times in the past that he might one day run for office and we can always expect wonderful and unique stuff from Lady Gaga – she is famous for this kind of stuff, right?

Let’s have a look at some events that were already “predicted” in The Simpsons.

The Fish With Three Eyes – S 2, E 4

In 1990 an episode of The Simpsons aired, in which Bart went fishing and caught an unnatural being, a fish with three eyes. The fish was named Blinky in the show and made headlines in The Simpsons family’s local news channels.

Strangely enough, after several years of this episode being aired, a three-eyed fish was found. People found this fish in Argentina from a reservoir. What’s more strange is that the reservoir was filled by the water coming from a nearby nuclear power plant.

Siegfried and Roy, The Tiger Attack – S 5, E 10

In 1993, a Simpsons episode displayed a parody of Siegfried and Roy. In the episode, Siegfried and Roy were attacked by a white tiger, a perfectly trained and tamed tiger.

Later in 2003, the incident got real. During a performance, Roy Horn and Roy were attacked by one of their white tigers. He got injured severely but lived.

The Higgs Boson Equation – S 8, E 1

In a Simpsons episode from 1998, Homer Simpson became a genius inventor. In the episode, he is shown standing by a blackboard solving a very complex equation.

Simon Singh, the author of “The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets” wrote that,

“the equation predicts the mass of the Higgs boson particle”

In 2013 in an experiment of $13 billion, scientists found the proof of the Higgs boson. Higgs boson was first predicted by Prof. Peter Higgs in 1964.

The Voting Machines – S 20, E 4

If we watch this episode of The Simpsons, from 2008, we can see Homer Simpson struggling with the voting machine. Homer is seen trying to vote for Obama but the machine keeps changing his vote.

After few years of this episode, a voting machine in Pennsylvania started making the same mistake. The machine was changed because it kept changing the vote from Barack Obama to some other rival.

Some of the predictions made in The Simpsons are not explainable, but others can possibly be coincidences. But the fact that many genius writers have been writing the Simpsons’ stories and when so much talent gathers, there are possibilities of wonderful things to be created. Sadly, we might never know if the predictions were actually “predictions” or just coincidences. Let’s say they are predictions, because in a world of chaos everything is possible, maybe even time traveling?