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Healthcare internships from International Medical Aid are making a difference in the lives of interns and patients alike

The chance to work as an intern in a range of busy international hospitals is a career-defining opportunity that can change the life of a pre-med student. International Medical Aid (IMA) is a not-for-profit offering students this chance in order to help them grow their practical skills alongside their theoretical knowledge.

IMA’s internship program attracts a vast array of volunteers each year who are enthusiastic about gaining hands-on experience and changing the lives of those in the communities they work in. Founded by two John Hopkins University alumni, IMA’s central focus is creating a program that is ethical, sustainable and mutually beneficial for the interns and the communities in which they operate.

As a globally trusted company, IMA has developed partnerships with a vast network of both public and private hospitals. With volunteers and interns from nearly every field of medicine, IMA works tirelessly to ensure that each intern undertakes a program that best complements their skillset and level of education. With opportunities in nursing, dentistry, mental health and more, each program is carefully selected for each intern.

Although their focus is on pre-med students, IMA’s interns range from medical students to nurses to physician assistants to fully qualified doctors. Their dynamic approach ensures that each individual has a rewarding experience no matter their level of knowledge.

Clinician mentors accompany interns on their journey abroad to ensure that they are cared for and guided through the experience. Support is also provided by staff back in the US where necessary.

Ensuring that interns are safe during their trip is crucial for IMA. This first involves providing specific training modules for the interns that cover infection control and other important information for the region they are visiting. Interns are housed in gated communities that are patrolled around the clock by security and are also provided with accident and travel insurance included in their package at no additional cost.

The communities in which IMA deploys interns are located across South America, East Africa and the Caribbean. These communities are often in great need of medical care and benefit from the program along with the interns. IMA is sure to work with the communities to develop the programs into ones that are able to focus on fighting the root causes of illness and disease in the community.

The firsthand experience of helping those in need is an unforgettable experience for the interns and one that allows them to develop their skills while making a meaningful impact.

During their time abroad, interns are also able to take part in a range of sightseeing adventures in their local area. They also benefit from IMA’s admissions consulting service that gives them guidance on using their experience to increase their medical reputation and get in to medical school.

The opportunities that IMA provides make a huge difference on the lives of the interns and their patients and help improve the quality of medical care for all.