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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Skip Flossing

For many people, flossing isn’t a part of that person’s oral hygiene repertoire. It’s something they either disregard or simply forget because of its supposed lack of importance. However, the simple fact of the matter is flossing your teeth is incredibly important and is something you should be doing every day. Are you not convinced? Well, read the following reasons to find out why.

Flossing cleans where the brush can’t

The most important reason why everyone should be flossing daily is because of a straightforward truth: flossing cleans the areas of your mouth where your toothbrush can’t. Your toothbrush can’t remove any plaque or bacteria lingering between your teeth, and as a result, not flossing means that bacteria will sit there for a while. This can harm the health of your gums and can even cause gingivitis.

It’s not as annoying as it sounds

A lot of people skip flossing because it’s annoying and time-consuming. Flossing your teeth should be quicker than the actual brushing of your teeth. Dental associations recommend that you brush your teeth for at least 2-3 minutes per day, whereas your typical flossing session should only take approximately 30-60 seconds.

Cavities often start there

The most common form of cavities occurs between your teeth. Many dentists comment on how many patients develop small marks between their teeth, and often won’t notice them until it’s too late. If you notice any minor dark stains between your teeth or on the ridges near your gums, then there’s a good chance you’ve developed a cavity from a lack of flossing. If you want to minimise the size of the hole or the extent of the damage, then reach out to your local dentist. Make an appointment to have your fillings checked today!