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Don’t Try To Change Your Partner’s Style

When we get into a new relationship, it’s only natural that you and the other person will gravitate towards some of the same things. After all, you probably got together in the first place because of shared interests.

However, no two people are going to be identical and it’s unlikely you would want to be in a relationship with someone who was a clone of you. With that said, you may be tempted to try and influence your partner’s sense of personal style for something that you prefer.

For example, you may want your partner to dress in a more revealing way when you go out because you want to be seen with someone attractive and sexy. This is an incredibly toxic mindset to have since you are using your leverage as their partner to influence how they dress themselves so you can live out a fantasy in your head.

The problem with chasing your fantasies is that they almost never actually manifest the way you want them to. Also, you will hurt your partner’s self-esteem by encouraging them to change their style because they will feel they are not good enough for you how they naturally are.

You should support your partner’s decisions when it comes to their personal style and not impose your own selfish desires onto them. A good relationship is about being in a partnership with someone, not in a one-sided arrangement where the other is a prop for you to improve how others see you.

If your partner genuinely wants to dress a certain way for you, then there’s nothing wrong with that. Allow them to be the one to start the conversation. It’s essential that any style changes they make come from their own desire, not yours.