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Detox Water, Does It Work?

Almost all of us have heard about detox water, and some of us might even have tried it but the question is, does it really work?

Detox water is said to have several health benefits, for example, removal of toxins from the body, boosting energy levels, and weight loss. Here we will talk about it in detail to know the actual health benefits of detox water. But first, for the people who don’t know what detox water is, detox water is basically water infused with some other natural ingredients like cucumbers, lemons, etc. So, is it helpful or not?

Does Detox Water Work?

There are several health claims made about detox water, for example, increased energy levels, weight loss, removal of toxins from the body, better immune system, and a better digestive system. Although, most of the benefits that are said to be because of detox water can be attributed to the water alone. Also, ingredients infused in water do not provide as many nutrients and health benefits as when eaten in their proper form.

Then, what are the real benefits of detox water?

The Real Benefits of Detox WaterA glass and a jug of detox water on a table with a lemon next to them.

There is no denial of the fact that detox water does have some health benefits, which are mostly related to the hydration due to drinking detox water:

  • Weight loss
  • Betterment of digestive system
  • Betterment of mood
  • Higher energy levels
  • Better immune system

Weight Loss:

We all know that drinking water can aid weight loss, and the same is the deal with detox water. Whether you drink plain water or detox water, if you are drinking it in the desired amount your metabolic rate is most likely to rise. This increased metabolic rate helps in weight loss. Here, the benefit of detox water is that the taste of water seems better and you are most likely to drink more water than usual.

Betterment of Digestive System:

For better digestive system hydration is a major factor to take care of. Drinking detox water will keep you hydrated and that will result in healthy bowel movements. Along with this, the hydration will help prevent constipation and several other digestive issues.

Better Mood and Energy Levels:

Dehydration can have a major effect on the mood and energy levels of a person. Studies have shown that even 1% fluctuation in hydration level can cause reduced concentration, headache, and down mood. Detox water being more of a tasteful choice may help you drink more water and keep you hydrated so that your mood stays better and energy levels high.

Better Immune System:

A better immune system might be the most exaggerated health benefit that people relate to detox water. Eating fruits and veggies will surely make your immune system better but, when these fruits and veggies are infused in the water they do not provide a sufficient amount of nutrients. But, theoretically speaking, there is a possibility that infusing fruits or veggies in water might be helpful for your immune system.

The Mythical Health Benefits of Detox WaterA glass of detox water infused with cucumber and limes which are also on the table around the glass.

Detox water is said to have some health benefits which are nothing but myths. There is no scientific support or explanation for these claimed health benefits. These claimed health benefits include:

  • Detoxification
  • pH balancing
  • Improved complexion


Human body has perfectly designed pathways for detoxification, and detox water is not required for them. There is no evidence that detox water takes toxins out of your body.

pH Balancing:

There is no way that you can change the pH levels of your body just by eating or drinking different things. pH levels have a whole different process and science of alternation.

Improved Complexion:

There is little to no evidence to support this claim. Yes, extreme dehydration can cause skin damage but still, hydration will not change your skin color. So it’s better to wear sunscreen before leaving the house because detox water will not work as a whitening agent.

You can drink water plain or in the form of detox water, but the truth is that the results will almost be the same. You can drink detox water for a better flavor, which might help you drink water more than sodas or processed juices.