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Some More Healthy Meal Prep Meal Recipe Ideas

There are so many meal prep meal ideas out there that are quick and easy to do, it would take forever to list them all. This is because most of them are just made up of complex carbohydrates and a source of protein. This is the most basic building blocks of good nutrition, and keeping it basic keeps it easy to make.

Chicken and pasta with varieties

Chicken and pasta is another simple yet solid way to gain a good nutritional intake. The pasta acts as the complex carbohydrates to give the body energy, and the chicken acts as the protein source. This meal is so good because it has so many different varieties, with different sauces to be added to it including pesto, tomato paste, or any other form of Italian sauce. Furthermore, it takes almost no time to cook. A large amount of pasta is boiled and a whole roast chicken bought from your local shops, peel and divide the portions and you’re done!


Raw food wrap with vegan ingredients on a plate

Wraps are quite broad with their variety, and that’s what makes them so good. You can put almost anything (use your imagination) into a wrap and create something nutritional and delicious. A favourite is tuna wraps or chicken wraps with chili sauce and lettuce. The best part about wraps is that you literally can make it anywhere and get it from anywhere. All you need is the wraps and the fillings of your choice. A cheap, easily accessible, nutritional, and easy to make option.

Bean curry

Lentils, chickpeas, and the like all have incredible amounts of protein in them. They all go very well in a form of curry, and having the curry with some bread on the side is nutritional heaven. High protein and high carbohydrate intake, also extremely cheap (beans are very cheap), and easy to make in bulk. A perfect meal prep meal.

These meal prep ideas are all ideal for fitness fanatics, and others looking for high-quality nutritional intake. They are easily accessible, easy to make, and relatively cheap. What more could you want?