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How To Write A Recipe Like A Professional

Writing a recipe may seem daunting, and something that only a professional chef could do. However, it is beneficial for even amateur chefs to write recipes, as it teaches creativity and structure in cooking. This is just a general guide and should be used as a template when writing a recipe. Some people may have different styles and ways to write a recipe, and you should tweak yours so that it fits your style. This is how to write a recipe like a professional.

The ingredient list

For the ingredient list, you must list the ingredients in the order of their use, described in their quantity, or how they should be prepared (chopped, diced, peeled, etc.). To be professional, list the important ingredients first, but only if they can be consistent in the order of their use. It is important if the recipe has different elements such as ‘sauce’ or ‘filling’ that these are broken up into subheadings to differentiate which ingredients are for what part. This makes it much more organized. Remember to use simple names for the ingredients, as complex names can confuse the reader and they may not understand what you want.

The preparation method

With the preparation method, it is important to write short sentences, so as not to create an unnecessarily long reading. When using a stovetop, indicate the heat level that it should be on. For cooking times, approximate cooking times should be stated, whilst also being descriptive in terms of how well done something should be cooked. If there are different elements to the recipe, the preparation methods should be split into subheadings. Under these subheadings, the instructions should be given for each different element.

Furthermore, each step should be separated into a different paragraph, so as to not confuse and overwhelm the reader. The paragraphs should also be formatted to make them easier to read.

Conclusively, your recipe you create should also actually work, and it is important to try and test your recipes before writing them down, so you know that they will turn out the same high quality, every time.