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Reasons To Never Open A Restaurant

For many people, owning a restaurant could be a dream come true. The glamour of owning one is all over TV with the likes of Hell’s Kitchen gracing the small screen and people all over the world tuning in. But is owning a restaurant that easy? Does all it takes is some good chefs, staff, and a venue to create a successful career in the food industry?

The truth is owning a restaurant can be very difficult and can affect your whole life. Most restaurants out there are barely scraping by, and for every Hell’s Kitchen, there are 100 more restaurants that fail.

Here are some reasons to never open a restaurant.

Your social life is over

Owning a restaurant takes up an insane amount of time, and it’s unlikely you’ll have time to do anything once you start. The restaurant business should only be entered if you are ready to never see friends, have holidays, or even see family. This requires dedication despite losing your social life.

You will do the dirty work

You will be expected to do the dirty work, as when your staff is busy in the restaurant serving customers, the chefs are doing their job cooking, you are the only one left to deal with unavoidable problems that will arise during service, and it will be up to you to sort it out.

Your salary will start at nothing

You must work hard day in day out every single day for essentially nothing. The restaurant will take most of the income and it will be a while before you are making anything. You must be willing to dedicate hard work to the restaurant for no reward for a while.

Emotional and physical exhaustion

This business will take a toll on anybody. The work is hard, the management is hard and the level of organization is high. The focus that is constantly required to manage and run a restaurant is astonishing and it will take a toll on even the toughest of people. Despite how you feel, you have to make the customer happy always and put your own feelings aside.

These have been some reasons why to never open a restaurant, as it will be very hard and draining both physically and mentally, and is way too much work unless you are ridiculously passionate about food.