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Why Is Digital Marketing So Crucial To Do Business?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 20 years or so, then you should already know how ubiquitous the internet is in modern life. All developed nations like the UK, United States, France, Australia and more all leverage the internet in pretty much all aspects of society to enhance communication and efficiency.

Because of the convenience of the internet, it’s no surprise why it has become the primary way in which consumer research and engage with businesses. Why leave the house to window shop when you can do it all from the comfort of your bed with a phone or laptop computer?

Naturally, if the consumers are online, then a business needs to have an online presence to reach and connect with them. Just like a physical store location, a business website needs to draw customers in through marketing – in this case; digital marketing.

The utility of digital marketing is undeniable; a business that does it properly can maximise the amount of exposure it gets online, and in turn, the amount of revenue it generates. While not every click on a business website will result in a sale (just like not every customer who walks into a shop will buy something), attracting as many people as possible will maximise potential sales.

The main area where digital marketing is useful is in helping a business appear first in search results on search engines like Google. For example, a family lawyer could use digital marketing to make sure they are the first result on Google for the search terms “divorce lawyer”, or “child custody solicitor”.

It’s not hard to see why appearing at the top of a search result for terms relating to a businesses goods/services is so important. When people search for something they need online, they will pay the most attention to the first results that appear.

In fact, there is a massive drop in clicks for websites that appear low on the first page of results and an even more significant decline for a website that appears on subsequent pages. Putting business in front of online customers is what digital marketing is all about. Since everyone is online these days, the importance of digital marketing is clear to see.