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Eating Healthy On A Budget

Eating healthy does not necessarily have to be expensive. There is a misconception that eating junk food is cheaper than eating healthy, but that’s not true at all. Eating healthy can easily be done for cheap by meal prepping. Buying bulk ingredients, cooking them in one go and boxing them in Tupperware for future meals is a sure-fire way to being healthy. In addition to this, meal prepping and exercise go hand in hand, and guarantees a steady source of healthy nutrition to fuel your body. The ingredients used in meal prepping should involve carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein and vitamins/minerals. Following the Five Food Groups is the best way to go about this. If on a budget, drinking water over any other drink is always cheaper as well as being healthy. Most people do not drink enough water per day, and it is important to keep hydrated throughout the day.

In summary, healthy eating is easily achievable on a budget through the use of meal prepping and basic nutritional knowledge.