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Best Colors To Wear For Looking Slim

Tired of looking like Humpty dumpty in whatever you wear? Or are you also daydreaming about that perfect “hourglass figure”, just like most of us? Don’t you worry, we have got you covered. Here are some colors, patterns, and designs that will make you look slimmer, without any diet or workouts.


Black, who doesn’t know about black and its unique properties of making anyone look slimmer. This darkest color is also the most flattering one among the whole color spectrum. Wearing a black outfit will actually make you look slimmer, and that’s a fact – trust me I am saying because of personal experience – wear a black top, gown, or attire and you are good to go.

Monochromatic Colors

If you would like to look a little taller and slimmer, then go for monochromatic shades. The colors when worn from head to toe, create a visual vertical line, which helps in creating an illusion of a taller and slimmer body. These colors will also help in camouflaging the bulky areas of your body.

Patterns and StripesA girl wearing stripes to look slim standing in a street holding books and smiling.

If you do not like wearing solid monochromatic shades, then you can go for the ones with patterns and stripes. But here is an issue with the patterns and stripes. The rule of visual vertical does not apply to outfits that have patterns or stripes but are monochromatic in color. Most people make the mistake of wearing the same color or pattern for top and bottom.

Never! I say never wear the same pattern from top to bottom! Know the rule of wearing patterned garments. Mix them up with solids. Wear a floral top with a black skirt or a white top with a floral skirt. You can wear striped pants with an off-white top, and solid-colored capris with a striped top.

Wear vertical stripes, if you want to look slimmer and taller. Never wear horizontal stripes if you are bulky because they will just add up to the bulk.

Other Tips

Other than focusing on what colors or patterns you are wearing, you should also take care of what accessories you wear. The size of your jewelry and other accessories matters a lot. They can change the whole look.

If you are a woman with a whole full figure, then never carry a tiny purse or wear a thin belt, because these small things will only attract attention towards your size.

Do not choose things just because they are in fashion or you like them, choose things that you know will look good on you and will also make you look slimmer.

Larger women should go for bigger things like a bigger purse, a thicker belt, a watch with a bigger dial, and a necklace with a bigger pendant.

When you balance out the accessories, you will be able to see a clear difference.

When it comes to shoes, here are some tips about it too.

If you are heightened and bulky, try wearing a three-inch heel, and pointed shape shoes. The shoes will add, elegance and gracefulness to your walk.

Do not wear shoes with high heels if you do not know how to walk in them. You don’t want to be embarrassed when you stumble over because of that skyscraper heel.

Little changes and things can add a lot to how you look. You just need to concentrate on things and notice what looks better on you and what doesn’t. stop looking around and thinking that if it looks good on someone else it must look on me too because that’s not how things work. Our bodies, complexions, and structures are different and different needs different to look different. You can’t just simply copy someone and be like them. Try to be yourself, and you will surely look perfect.