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5 Tips for Buying and Styling Plus Size Shirts

If you are a plus size person looking to upgrade your wardrobe, you have come to the right place. Buying and styling plus size shirts doesn’t have to be a chore, in fact in can be really fun! Whether you are looking for simple t-shirts or some fun printed ones, there are plenty of ways to find your perfect shirt and elevate your style. Here are our tips for choosing a shirt and some advice for styling it in a way that will have you looking your best.

#1 Get to Know Your Body Type

The first thing to do before you start shopping is to familiarise yourself with your body type. You know better than anyone what your personal style is and what looks good on you. Go in with a plan in mind so that you can narrow down your options and find ideal shirts quickly and efficiently. You may want to do some research first to determine your body type and get an idea for the kind of shirts that will complement you best. A good idea is to think of another person with a similar body type to you that you admire the style of. Whether this is a celebrity or a friend, using somebody else’s fashion for inspiration can help you get some new ideas for changing up your personal style. Don’t be afraid to branch out while also making informed decisions on what will look awesome on you.

#2 Experiment with Patterns and PrintsA collection of printed plus size shirts to buy and style.

Patterns and prints are a fun way to express yourself in shirt form. Many stores such as Nerd Kung Fu have a wide range of plus size shirt options with all sorts of prints to choose from. Whether you have a particular interest, such as a TV show or band, or you simply want to brighten up your look with a nice pattern, finding a shirt that does this will allow you to express some of your personality through what you wear. Patterned shirts are a great way to brighten up and add some interest to a simpler outfit and will go great with plain pants, shoes, jackets and any other accessories you may want to wear. They are also very versatile and will allow you to create multiple different outfits that the shirt works well with. They can also be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

#3 Shop Around

Now that you have a better idea of what you are looking for, it will be much easier for you to find stores that can provide you with your dream shirt. Do your research and decide if you want to order something online or go to a physical store where you can trial a few shirts before you buy them. If you are unsure of the fit of certain stores’ products it might be a good idea to go into a store to find your best fit. Another good idea, particularly with online stores, is to get recommendations from family, friends or celebrities and to read the reviews of the store before you decide to shop there. This will give you a better idea of what to expect when you purchase a shirt from them and may also help you decide whether you need to size up or down for certain products. Don’t hesitate to try a few different stores before settling on the one that you want to buy from. You want to ensure that you are 100% happy with the shirt you choose so that you will feel your most confident when wearing it.

#4 Know the Difference Between Fitted and Too TightTwo women standing next to each other and facing opposite directions. They are wearing plus size shirts that fit well.

The key to finding a shirt that flatters your shape is knowing the difference between a shirt that is fitted and a shirt that is too tight. You shouldn’t feel like you have to squeeze into a shirt, it should flow nicely over your figure and hug you in the right places. Choosing a shirt that fits properly is also essential for creating outfits that look well put together. Poorly fitting clothing is this quickest way to diminish your style, you’d be surprised at the power a nice fit has to elevate your look.

#5 Tailor Your Clothes to Fit Your Body

If the shirt you end up buying fits right but could be adjusted to accentuate certain parts of your body better, utilise the services of a tailor! A tailor will be able to modify your shirt ever so slightly to ensure that you get the optimal fit. As mentioned previously, a good fitting item of clothing is often the secret to a stand-out outfit and the secret to having you feeling your very best. Tailors are experts in modifying your clothing to elevate them from store-bought style to designer quality. Find a good tailor that you trust and have a vision in mind of how you would like to change the shirt you bought. They will then work with you to create the perfect fit and ensure that you are 100% happy with how your new shirt looks.


Buying the proper plus size shirt can be the make or break for your outfit. A shirt that expresses your personality and fits your body well can make all the difference when it comes to elevating your personal style. Let our tips guide you on your journey as you search for your new favourite shirt and set about creating an exciting and eye-catching outfit.