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How To Find Your Personal Style

If you are confused about how to find your personal style, don’t worry – nearly everyone else is too! Most people who are highly concerned with their personal sense of style are never going to be satisfied since they are thinking about it too hard.

This does not mean that you don’t have a personal style that you can cement and workaround. It means that you need to be honest to yourself about what your own style is and not try to mould it to fit someone else’s’.

If you want to think about the way of improving on or altering your personal style – that’s quickly done. Just take a look at what you already wear and expand on the core motifs that are present.

For example, if you really like how you look in a trench coat, then buy more trench coats and experiment with different styles. If you love wearing stuff with floral patterns, then look at new types of clothing that have floral designs.

The only rule to finding your personal style is that you personally like the clothing. You don’t need to conform to anyone else’s’ standards. Unless your job has a prescribed uniform, then you probably have a lot of freedom to express your personal style in the clothing you wear to work as well.

You can also ask other people in your life what they think your personal style is. You might be surprised by the answers you get, but they can help inform you on where to look for new clothing that fits your style.

Finding out what niche your personal style fits into can be a really refreshing experience. It can feel like the stores you browse are making clothes specifically designed for you, and it gives you a great sense of validation in that you aren’t alone in your sense of style.