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3 Great Reasons To Visit The United States

If you’ve never been to the United States, then you probably still know a lot about it. The home of Hollywood, the USA has been portrayed in generations of film, TV, and popular music that has made it the biggest influence, and basically the primogenitor, of popular culture.

However, most Americans will tell you that what you see and hear about their country through the media is a poor substitute for actually experiencing the country first-hand, and they would be right! Take a look at the following # reasons you should travel to the United States.

Incredibly diverse landscapes

Because of the massive size of the United States (occupying the majority of the North American continent), it means there’s a vast range of different topographical landscapes to visit. There are snowy peaks, arid deserts, massive canyons, dense swamps, lush grasslands, beautiful forests, and a whole myriad of incredible wildlife inhabiting all of it. No other country on earth has so many diverse landscapes to visit, making the United States a must-see for anyone who loves exploring nature.

It’s a melting pop of cultural influences

Visiting America is unique because while there is a meta ‘American culture’, there are a massive number of subcultures that inhabit it. Incredibly diverse political, religious, and ethnic groups exist within the country, all making their own unique impact.

World-renowned landmarks

The USA has some of the most amazing and exciting natural and man-made landmarks that are worth visiting. Notable places like the Statue of Liberty, The Golden Gate Bridge, The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore and many more are incredible places to visit.

Unique food experiences

America is also known for the mouth-watering food it has, and you would be unfortunate not to try it while you are there. Even visiting an American McDonalds is a unique experience you should try at least once.