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Things That Make America Awesome

America is one of, if not the most, influential and powerful countries in the world. While each and every country in the world will have their problems and difficulties over the years, in general there are still a lot of good things that make America an awesome place to live. There are lots of little things that most Americans love about their country.

It is known to be the land of the free, and while there are issues facing America at the moment, it seems as though the bulk of Americans are standing up for what’s right and demanding change, to make America an even better place to live. Now, this article won’t really address the major factors that make America awesome, but more the little things, that you may have started to take for granted.

These are the little things that are truly amplified in a country like America, and tourists are amazed by what is on offer. So, have a read on below at just a handful of the small things that make America awesome:

National Parks

There are so many different national parks in America, it is even hard to choose just one or two that are the best. No matter where you live in America, or where you are travelling to on your holiday, there is sure to be a national park near by that you are able to explore. Each national park has their own individuality so you are in for a treat.


No other country in the world is into sport as much as Americans, so if you are a lover of sport, you will fit right in. The four main sports in America are the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB) and National Hockey League (NHL). Even the college formats of these sports are extremely popular in the United States. You won’t see any greater passionate fans than you will in America.


Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays in America, and it comes right before Christmas, so it really helps get everyone in the holiday spirit. No one does holidays like America, and they go all out with all that is merry. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get around with your loved ones and celebrate, and if you do it right, you’ll probably be full until Christmas!


The universities in America are known right around the world, and students will fight tooth and nail to get accepted into one of the best schools in the world. Harvard is pretty much always the best university in world, and it is an extremely prestigious school, and also very difficult to get into. Other high profile universities in America include; MIT, Yale, Stanford, Columbia and Princeton.


One of the best things about America is that everything just seems to be bigger and you can supersize pretty much anything you like, and for a relatively cheap price. You want a large coke from McDonalds that’s the size of your head? That will be $1 please! If you have a very big appetite, then America is the best place for you.


Hollywood is the land of the rich and famous, and a whole heap of movies are made there. You can find so many talented people in Hollywood and this is where people go if they want to become famous. Much of the global film industry is based in Hollywood, and it is the reason it is so successful. Hollywood is one of the places in the world that everyone wants to visit.