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Why You Should Try a Serviced Accommodation While Traveling

Vacationing in 2022 is going to be a bit different than it was in previous years, and you might be rethinking the tried-and-true hotel stay this year. After all, hotels are packed with people, often located in big cities, and they’re just not conducive for more relaxed vacations. Not to mention, they’re a bit outdated and cramped nowadays.

Instead, you should book serviced accommodation for your next vacation.

A serviced accommodation is basically a luxury apartment that comes with all the perks of a hotel. They’re trending in Europe, and they’re making their way into the US market, too.

What do they bring to the table, though? Let’s check it out.


Hotels are just large buildings with tons of tiny rooms in them. They have a ton of foot traffic, people have their hands all over everything, and you’re lucky if your room is cleaned properly before you get in it. For all you know the last person in your room didn’t practice any basic hygiene rules and the housekeeping team barely cleaned it.

A serviced accommodation is very different.

You get a full apartment that is deep cleaned between each stay, and there are far fewer people staying in the complex. So, you can comfortably relax without worrying about what everyone else is passing around.

Space to Live

Like we said, a serviced accommodation is a full apartment; not a tiny hotel suite.

You get a full living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms, and each room is fully furnished and designed for comfort. Basically, you get the at-home experience while traveling abroad.

A hotel room simply can’t replicate that feeling.


No matter how long your vacation is, a serviced accommodation is willing to accept you. You can book an apartment for as little as one night, or you can book it for a year or more. It’s completely up to you.

This gives you a lot more freedom with your vacation plans because you don’t have to plan your entire trip around a short stay like you do with hotels.

You will have a home base to return to no matter how long you plan to travel.

No Hassle

Hotels can be a bit complex right now. While hotel operators tackle new ways to deal with changing mandates and requirements, they’ve implemented some strange rules that hamper the traditional hotel experience even more than usual.

A serviced accommodation gets rid of all that. You book an apartment, and you live in it exactly as you would at home. Of course, there are rules such as not destroying the place or smoking indoors, but it’s a far more relaxed experience that doesn’t require you to consider a multitude of rules every time you leave your room.

Travel Abroad with Serviced Accommodations

Hotels are quickly becoming obsolete in the modern travel landscape. They’re complicated, annoying, and don’t provide a stellar experience.

Instead, try a serviced accommodation for your next vacation, and check out some of other guides from The Travel Vibes for must-know travel information in 2022!