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The 3 Surprising Ways to See Australia With a Simple Tent Hire & a Map

The camping game is changed forever, in no small part due to the past 18 months with the ravages of a pandemic grounding a majority of overseas holiday plans. No one foresaw the length to which this holiday dry spell was going to end up becoming. However, there is one large and beautiful silver lining. Australia, the birthplace of the modern outdoor adventure is covered from head to toe with an illustrious range of different landscapes and natural beauties.

Another timely downer is budgeting, with wallets feeling a little thinner with all the uncertainty that plagues us. Luckily, another silver lining propagates itself into the spotlight by way of camping equipment and tent hire services. The inherently affordable nature of traditional camping has lent itself to becoming the new gold standard for a staycation in the sunburnt country. Even more so with an effective tent hire and camping equipment rental service.

So, how best to go about this newfound silver-lined pathway? We’ve come up with a few ways to utilise the very best of our natural landscape with the usefulness of tent hire to bring to you the 3 surprising ways to have an adventure with all the equipment and tent hire opportunities you’ll need along the way.

The 3 Surprising Ways to See Australia With a Simple Tent Hire & a Map

#1 The Classic Road TripA man watching the sunrise with the tent he hired to see Australia.

You can’t think of having a good old fashioned Australian adventure without the prospect of traversing the great wide land in a four-wheeler. By stopping at a tent hire or supply rental and loading up on supplies, you have the chance of seeing the great nation on the hot concreted pathways of the interstate.

One popular option is always to go up and down each coast and stop along the way to take in the sights. Of course, there are a lot of camping emporiums that offer tent hire and site-specifics that you can interchange with as you go along. It’s one of our particular favourite ways to see the country, flying is overrated anyway!

#2 Escaping to the MountainsA couple reading a map in a tent that they hired to see Australia.

Not everyone enjoys a long-winded and gaseous trip around, some want to escape into the bush and mountains and have a one-on-one with nature herself. This is where the vast mountain ranges of the country come into play, with a beautiful array of postcard scenes on display.

All you need to do is get a heavy-duty tent hire on your back, a lot of supplies, a good radio, and some company and you’ll be well on your way to finding a new perspective on the world. Our favourites are along the south coast, where you’ll find some easily traversable and equally gorgeous locales on display. Luckily, the heavy-duty equipment is cheap as chips if you consider things like a reliable tent hire and a good investment in a radio.

#3 A Desert Star Filled NightA tent hired to see Australia in the desert at night.

Some don’t like to be over encumbered with the leaves, that’s okay as well. Australia has some beautiful desert planes that should be enjoyed (with caution of course). A lot of places that offer tent hire for long periods are located all around the surrounding small towns that litter the beautiful centre of the sunburnt country. Take advantage and bring plenty of water!

Of course, caution is always advised when going to the extreme locales, the sights are beautiful but come at a higher risk. When you go for your tent hire or camping equipment rentals, ask for the most up-to-date advice and some tactics for survival on the off chance you’ll need them.

There are so many beautiful and ranged locales to choose from – a little imagination, a good tent hire, and a map or two will spell adventure for anyone!