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Things To Know About Lab-Grown Diamond Rings

Lab-grown diamond rings are perfect for an engagement ring, wedding ring, or as a gift to dear ones to make the celebration more memorable as these lab-grown diamonds just look spectacular. These are available in different cuts to let you choose according to your choice.

What are lab grown diamond rings?

The lab-grown diamond rings are in trend nowadays. People love buying rings having a man-made diamond. Yes, you got it right, it is a man-made diamond often called as lab grown diamond, synthetic diamond, or sometimes engineered diamond. The name is so because these diamonds are grown in the laboratory by humans using the latest technology by creating the natural pressure and temperature conditions to allow carbon atoms to link together to become beautiful diamond crystals. These man-made diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically the same as naturally mined diamonds.

Two well-known processes make the lab-grown diamonds; HPTP methods and the CVD method. HPTP methods are high pressure and high temperature in which a small diamond seed is placed into carbon at high temperatures of about 1500 degree Celsius and pressures more than approximately 1.5 million pounds per square inch. The carbon melts and starts to form a diamond around the diamond seed, which is then cooled to form a pure diamond crystal. The CVD method, which is chemical vapor deposition, uses an HPTP produced diamond seed to produce a new crystal of diamond. The seed is placed in a sealed chamber filled with a carbon-rich gas that ionizes into plasma using laser technology to produce carbon molecules that crystalize to form a pure diamond.

Yes, the origin of lab-grown diamond is different from the naturally mined diamonds, but lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds created by replicating the conditions of naturally growing diamond using the latest cutting edge technologies.  The rings having these synthetic diamonds are called lab-grown diamond rings.

Benefits of lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds have many benefits. Let us introduce you to a few of these;

Less expensive

Lab grown diamonds are less expensive than naturally mined diamonds. Naturally mined diamonds have a long supply chain, and hence the cost is more than the lab grown diamonds.

Environmental friendly

Natural mining of diamonds definitely affects the environment negatively; as per a fact stated, almost 100 square feet of land is disturbed, and 6000 pounds of waste is generated with mining of every carat of gold whereas production of lab-grown diamond is produced in an eco-friendly way.

Ethical production

Lab grown diamonds are produced in a safe environment, and hence the production is ethical without any harm to humans.

Variety in color and cut

Lab-grown diamonds are created in beautiful colors in addition to the natural transparent ones. The different colors and cuts just are so spectacular.

Things to consider before buying a lab-grown diamond ring

Reputed seller

Do your research and buy the ring from a reputed seller. Ensure that the seller is honest and is charging you the right price.

Certified diamond

The lab-grown diamond ring’s diamond should be certified from the certified lab that certifies the naturally mined diamond as well. It should indicate color, origin, weight, and all other important details to inform the buyer.

So, man-made diamonds are real diamonds made from the same carbon atoms but obviously less time and hence are more affordable than the naturally mined ones. But the look is just the same. So, choose elegant design rings and surprise your loved one with the love that the diamond ring holds in it!