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The Certain Factors That Make A Good Quiz Within Quiz Making

A quiz is a good way to find out information from people, without having to ask in a generic way such as a survey. A quiz can be very creative, and in doing so it can capture the attention of the person who is doing it. There are many different quizzes out there, and they can be done in a way that makes them terrible, average or professional. A quiz is something that needs to be thought about, in order to create product which is professional looking as well as engaging and not too monotonous.

There are definitely several factors which would make a quiz look professional and also engaging, and these need to be taken into consideration before attempting to make one.

Regardless of what you are using the quiz for, there are still aspects which apply to almost any quiz which should be implemented in order to make the most of the quiz. The factors that need to be taken into consideration should also be considered against the context of the situation and the purpose of the quiz of course, however they are still relatively applicable to all quizzes.

What you Should think of when making your quiz:

But what are the certain factors that should be considered that will make a good quiz?

Cover photo

This will be the first thing that people will see when they enter your quiz, and it will be the most prominent visual element of the product. This is highly important, as it is what will determine the engagement of the quiz. A boring cover photo will likely instill a theme of monotony and boredom and will not engage at all. A cover photo which is relevant to the subject of the theme and is also visually stimulating will give off a theme of engagement and creativity, making the user much more likely to be engaged with the quiz.

It is important for the cover photo be relevant to the subject of the quiz. The best cover photos have people in them, and you should find a photo like this. The cover photo should also be of high quality, to reflect the professionalism of the quiz.


The title of a quiz is important, as it should reflect what the topic of the quiz is as well as being somewhat informative. Too many times there are quizzes which have vague and boring titles, which do not engage the user at all.

You want the title to inform the user what the quiz is trying to get out of the results, as well as being engaging enough that the user will be inclined to be engaged with the quiz. A good title should address the user directly, for example “How much do you know about tigers?”.



This is one of the more obvious factors you should be considering. The questions make up the body of the quiz, and as a result they should be engaging for the user. According to Fyrebox questions should be direct and to the point, not being too vague at all. You do want accurate answers from the user, and asking vague questions will not get you this at all.

Your questions should also come with images in order to make them more visually stimulating and engaging. This will make the user more likely to give accurate answers as they will be engaged with the content of the quiz.

The questions should be given with text and the answers should have images attached to them. The questions should also be relevant. As the title should be relevant to the subject of the quiz, so should the questions of course. The whole point of the quiz is to get answers that are related to a certain subject, thus the questions should be relevant to the subject of the quiz.

In summary, a good quiz is made up of certain factors including the cover photo, title and the questions. The cover photo should be visually stimulating and feature a person in it in order to make it engaging for the user. The more engaged a user is, the more likely they will give more accurate answers for the quiz which is important. Furthermore, the title should be relevant to the subject of the quiz.

The questions should also be relevant to the subject of the quiz and engaging. You do not want the questions to be too vague, otherwise the user may be frustrated or confused and give answers that are not accurate, which would not be helpful for your data.