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State Of The Art Plastic Surgery Clinic In Miami

Our bodies are limited by genetics. Diet and exercise can get you a healthy body. But if you are seeking a specific kind of aesthetic, and extraordinary looks, then it might require going through surgical procedures.

Dream Body Plastic

At Dream Body Plastic surgery Miami, the best board-certified plastic surgeons are ready to help you with that. Breast augmentation, Brazilian Butt lift, Liposuction 360, Tummy Tuck, or Mommy Makeover- they provide almost every sort of major plastic surgery enhancement in demand by the people in Miami.

Exclusive Plastic Surgery Clinic In Miami

If you are searching for the best plastic surgery in Miami performed by the best plastic surgeons in Miami 2021, then congratulations! Your search is successful. Dream Body has the best board-certified plastic surgeons in their teams who are ready to give you their best service. And it goes easy on your wallet too.

A procedure like a breast augmentation, Brazilian Butt Lift, or liposuction 360 can radically change the way you look or feel. And as a result, the overall quality of life can improve. You will be more confident and feel better physically and mentally. Which will have a positive impact on personal and business affairs.

Dream body plastic surgery takes into account the two most important factors regarding a plastic surgery procedure. These are the doctors who perform the surgery. And the facilities they use.

All their doctors are among the top 10 plastic surgeons of Miami, Florida 2020. You can check their resumes at Dream Body’s site. You will see that these doctors are highly experienced and are the best at what they do.

As for technique, the facility at Miami has all the latest technologies regarding cosmetic procedures and reconstructive surgeries. Plus, you will be in the care of loving staff members. They support and guide you through all the steps from the very moment you get in contact with them.

Dream Body Plastic Surgery Clinic is at the same address as South Miami Hospital. They also have an aftercare facility which will help to take some time and get used to your improved body.

The clinic gives top priority to their patient’s convenience. And the treatments they provide are the safest in the current medical field.  So, if you are unhappy or uncomfortable in your body, then it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. Come to Dream Body’s clinic in Miami and they will sculpt the body you always dreamed of.

What Makes Dream Body The Best Plastic Surgery Clinic In Miami?

When they claim to be the best Miami plastic surgery facility, it might sound a bit audacious to some. However, this is not something the clinic says to sell their services. Rather they are only trying to save patients from falling prey to some unqualified surgeon and suffering for the rest of their life. Let’s look at some reasons why they claim such.

Board-certified surgeons

All of their surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Each of these doctors has gone through more than six years of continuous surgical training and proved their competence at their institutions. After that, they had spent another period of three-plus years in the field of plastic surgery alone.

When all that was done, the surgeons established their authority through written and oral examinations before the board. And all through this process, these doctors have shown excellent professional ethics and care for their patients.

Accredited Facility

The Dream Body Plastic Surgery clinic at Miami is accredited by all the concerned health authorities of the state. This attests to the fact that these guys have all the cutting-edge technology and adequate staff to do what they do. Moreover, this also speaks about the safety and reliability of the clinic.

As someone seeking plastic surgery, you should know that an accredited facility is not any less important than your surgeon’s qualification. Because many certified plastic surgeons might be working at a make-do facility. And getting your procedure at places like those can be significantly risky.

Communication with Client

Although plastic surgery is safe, it is understandable that the word ‘surgery’ can invoke certain worries in people. That is why at Dream Body the staff believes in proper communication with patients. Their surgeons will talk with you about your procedure and are ready to answer all your questions.

Before any procedure, they will take all your medical history and make sure you are not allergic to any of the medications they will use. Plus, they will always be honest and never oversell. The doctors make sure that you don’t go into the procedure with any unrealistic expectations.

Services Dream Body Miami Provide

Dream Body provides a variety of services at their plastic surgery clinic to reshape your body. These include breast augmentation or reduction, Brazilian Butt lift, Liposuction 360, Tummy tuck, and Mommy Makeover. You might have some ideas about what these are. But let’s look into more details.

Breast Augmentation

One of the most well-known plastic surgery procedures is Mammoplasty. Or commonly known as breast enlargement or breast Augmentation.

This surgery is more than just increasing the size. It’s about creating overall aesthetics to improve your feeling about your body.

During the operation, the surgeon makes a precise and careful incision and puts implants inside your breast. This implant comes in two types. Saline-filled or Silicone-gel-filled bags. As the implants are designed to fit inside human breasts the client feels and looks perfectly natural after the procedure.

Some women might prefer breast enlargement for cosmetic reasons. Meanwhile, others might need it to correct certain physical situations. Whatever the reason is, our plastic surgeons can help you with it.

If you have asymmetrical breasts, it might be uncomfortable when you put on a dress. Plus, some women might even have mental issues with it.

And then there’s the case of breast surgeries. If you had a lump removed it might have altered the shape of your breast. The same is true if you have recently completed a weight loss program or given birth. In any such situation, you can consider breast augmentation to improve the quality of your life.

Breast Reduction

Excessively large breasts are a medical condition. It’s called Macromastia. The patient suffers from discomfort, pain, poor self-image, posture problems, etcetera. Therefore, breast reduction is often a treatment rather than a cosmetic procedure.

However, some women might feel like their breasts are too big and choose to reduce them to get an overall aesthetic physique. And someone considering a sex change might also consider breast reduction surgery.

During the procedure, the doctor makes a skillful incision and removes the excess tissue that is causing the enlargement. This might be only fat. And sometimes fat plus skin and glandular tissue. Implants might be used to bring aesthetics.

Living with disproportionately large breasts might be very difficult. Everyday activities become a challenge for the patient due to the pain and discomfort. Running or participating in sports might become difficult. So, if you are experiencing something similar don’t hesitate to contact the clinic.

Brazilian Butt lift

The Brazilian Butt lift or BBL surgery is probably the most requested procedure at Dream Body plastic surgery Miami. And they have the best BBL doctors in Miami for the job. These highly skilled surgeons can effectively enhance the shape and size of your butt. And you will get a more pleasant and attractive figure.

The shape of your butt is genetically determined. So, no matter how many squats and glutes exercises you do, you won’t be achieving that specific rounded look if you are not born with it.

But just because nature didn’t grant you something doesn’t mean that’s the end of it. Not when you have the latest technology and best BBL doctors in Miami to help you. Plus the clinic offers the most reasonable BBL price in Miami.

The procedure is mainly a redistribution of your body fat. The surgeon will take excess fat from your hips, thighs, or abdomen.  They will do this through liposuction. After that, you will receive a re-injection of that fat in your buttocks.

There are no implants involved in this procedure. And a collection of the fat involves three to five incisions at most. All of which will be skillfully closed to not leave many marks. And the re-injected fat is sterilized and your own body-tissue. Therefore, no chance of any adverse reaction.

After the surgery, you will wear a compression garment for a speedy recovery. Plus, the doctor will provide you with individual instructions suited to your needs. You can expect to completely heal within a week or two.

If aging or rigorous weight loss has taken a toll on your buttocks, then you might consider a Brazilian butt lift. Or everything might be all right, but you want to correct the curves and develop an overall well-rounded lower body. In that case too, there is no harm in doing the procedure if it helps with your self-esteem.

Usually, a Brazilian butt lift will cost you somewhere from four to eight thousand dollars. Depending on your needs you will fall somewhere in between. You can check out the results of their work here.

Lipo 360

Most people have some form of stubborn fat in their bodies. All the exercise and diet in the world would not solve it. For the greater percentage, it is at the midsection. And the distribution is in a 360-degree manner. This usually shows as a protruding lower abdomen and love handles in the lower back.

This fat prevents you from achieving that perfect waistline. Plus, fat in this part of the body puts at risk of developing systemic diseases. And in extreme cases, it makes life difficult for the patient.

The best plastic surgeon in Miami can help you with that. They perform Lipo 360 as an outpatient procedure. It will start with locally anesthetizing your midsection. So, you don’t have to worry about any pain during the surgery. If you prefer to not be awake the doctor can give you IV sedation. And you will just wake up in your new body.

At first, the treatment area is slightly opened by an incision. Then the surgeon loosens the unwanted fat using a cannula. After that, it is sucked out using a surgical vacuum. Depending on your condition the surgeon might remove up to three or four liters of fat.

The remaining fat is reshaped to bring the desired aesthetics. And you are done. The surgeon will now close the incisions.

To aid in healing, the doctor will give you a compression garment. The recovery from liposuction doesn’t take much time. You can return to your normal life in just three days or seven days max.  You can check the results of their work here.

Tummy Tuck

The more formal term for a tummy tuck is abdominoplasty. This procedure also deals with the stubborn shape of your belly. Even with good genetics having a tucked-in tight abdomen is not possible if you don’t always follow a strict diet and exercise regimen. And despite those things, you will lose your tightness with age.

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck removes the unwanted fat, excess loose skin and tightens the muscles of your gut to bring about that flat tucked in belly and waistline.

This cosmetic procedure can become necessary for any reason. Such as recent weight loss, abdominal surgery, a scar from cesarean section, aging, etc. After these episodes, the tummy looks and feels loose due to the excess loose skin. And the procedure removes that.

The best tummy tuck surgeons in Miami, Florida are performing this procedure at the state-of-the-art facility of Dream Body Plastic. So, be assured that you will experience the smoothest and most convenient Tummy Tuck in Miami possible.

You will be put under general anesthesia during the procedure. Then the doctor marks the skin areas for removal. The first incision runs from the tip of one hip bone to the other. And a second one goes around the belly button.

After that, the doctor removes the loose unwanted skin. If needed he will get rid of any excess fat tissues and tighten the muscles of your abdomen with sutures.

When the surgeon is satisfied with his work, he will secure the incisions with the necessary layers of sutures. After a Tummy tuck procedure, the recovery period is quite long. You may need to rest for up to eight weeks. During this time, you will wear compression garments. You can see the results of the work they have done here.

You don’t have to worry about the scar. Because the skilled surgeon shall position the scar in such a way that your underwear or swimsuit will easily conceal it from view.

You might wonder if this is permanent. Well, it usually is. Because during the procedure the doctor excises the unwanted skin and fat cells. And this excised tissue has no way of growing back. But if you indulge in unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, junk foods, then you might undo some of the good work.

Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a set of cosmetic procedures. After you have gone through nine months of pregnancy and given birth, the way or body looks or feels can change very much. Because pregnancy is stressful and takes a serious toll on the body.

The effects of childbearing become evident in the face, breast, and abdominal parts. And even with a lot of diet and exercise, these body parts might fail to return to their pre-pregnant state. This might be physically uncomfortable for the women and at the same time cause mental issues.

In such a case, a woman might choose to improve her body parts for cosmetic reasons and a better self-image. And at Dream Body’s facility, they are ready to give the perfect mommy makeover. This includes removing excess fat and skin where necessary and tightening muscles if required.

Client Safety Is Number One Priority

At Dream Body Plastic Surgery Miami, patient safety is of the utmost importance. To uphold this, they take care to make sure all three stages of the procedure are safe. In other words, they take safety measures before the procedure, during it, and after it’s done.

Before the procedure, the staff would evaluate you thoroughly to determine if you are fit to go through it. This includes careful medical history taking, doing some blood work, and assessing your cardiac fitness. At this stage, they will also find out if you have any systemic diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, or others.

During the procedure, only the most experienced board-certified plastic surgeons in Miami will operate on you. So, you will be completely in their capable hands. Plus, all the instruments and operation theater are cutting-edge and state of the art.

Post-procedure is equally important for the patient. The clinic has a very dedicated and well-maintained after-care facility in South Miami. Their staff will take care of you and help you through the process of recovery. The sterilized environment prevents all kinds of wound infections. Plus, the doctor will be checking on you regularly.

Is Plastic Surgery Safe?

People have all kinds of stigma and confusion regarding plastic surgery. But you can be rest assured that plastic has never been safer and the minor procedures are almost like getting a tattoo these days.

In the past, most plastic surgery-related hazards were results of malpractice from unqualified surgeons. But these days the board is more organized and strict in who they certify. The training of doctors itself has become more rigorous. Moreover, the internet permits you to find all the information you need about a plastic surgeon.

Besides, the technologies and surgical techniques have come a long way. Today’s procedures aim to minimize scarring and optimize the results and recovery period. The number of incisions is minimal and the suture materials used to close them are better suited for the human body.

Minimum Age For Getting Plastic Surgery in Miami

Anyone can get plastic surgery in Miami no matter how old they are. Very young children with congenital malformation might need plastic surgery for a better life. On the other hand, very old people can get a procedure too.  However, it is needless to say that some terms and conditions do apply.

First of all, it is not a good idea to modify your body before it has fully developed. So, people under the age of eighteen should always reconsider if the purpose of the surgery is cosmetic. Plus, you will need consent from your parents.

In the case of seniors, people as old as seventy years or up can choose to get a procedure. But you should be able to physically qualify for the procedure. This means you should have a healthy heart, no vascular disease, excellent blood counts, and be free from systemic diseases.


If you are looking to get plastic surgery in Miami, consider Dream Body Plastic Surgery without any hesitation. They have the best board-certified plastic surgeons, a state-of-the-art facility, and a team of caring staff that are sure to provide you the best plastic surgery experience possible in Miami.

Head over to their website to learn more about their service and start following them on Instagram and TikTok