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Organizations Leading The Way In The Battle Against Cancer

Cancer is a horrible disease and there are so many different forms it can take. Unfortunately cancer is all to present in society today and pretty much everyone knows someone who had/ has cancer, or may even be living with the disease themselves. Cancer is never an easy topic to talk about and it is more than likely going to bring up negative emotions.

Despite all this negativity, there is still hope. There are breakthroughs in treatments, vaccinations and all sorts of things all the time. Some organizations and scientists are really leading the way to help spread awareness, make it easier on people that do have cancer, and even try to put a stop to it altogether. There have never been more treatment options available then there are today, and hearing the words “you have cancer” isn’t always necessarily a death sentence.

While cancer can be a difficult and uncomfortable topic, lets take a look at the bright side and find out more information about organizations and even charities that are leading the way in the battle against cancer:

American Institute for Cancer Research

The AICR is one of the leading cancer research organizations in America and they help hospitals, research centers and universities in getting funding for their research. They help other organizations in America and right across the world. Not only are they about research and helping those with cancer, but they also care about spreading the word in relation to preventative measures.

The AICR is leading the way in promoting public awareness of the disease. This organization is at the forefront of technology when it comes to research and has had a helping hand in a lot of significant advancements throughout the time they have been in operation, since 1982. They also meet the standards set by the National Cancer Institute, and they are the only one as well.

National Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Cancer is difficult to deal with if you are an adult, it is especially hard if you are a child and don’t fully understand what is going on, and for the parents as well. The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation helps to raise money for pediatric cancer research. Some of their more recent work includes a project to speed up the new treatment process, which can hopefully improve the child’s rate of survival. They have worked to introduce less toxic drugs, which is helpful for the little ones.

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance

This is probably the biggest organization in the world that is leading the fight against ovarian cancer. This organization is all about research in all different areas including prevention, treating and overcoming the disease. They also provide needed and valuable support to the women fighting the disease, as well as their family.

Not only does the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance provide support during treatment, but also after as well, as the cancer patients try to move on with their lives after cancer. They also have a great network that can help connect the women with each other, to provide further support by people who completely understand what the other is going through.

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

This foundation has a particular focus on breast cancer and the cause of the cancer as well as prevention methods. In a lot of different cancers, and breast cancer especially, early dedication is key. If women are more aware, and they have options easily available to them, they are more likely to get tested more often, which can pick up any abnormities sooner, potentially before they become too dangerous.