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Keeping Your Memory Alive After You’re Gone with NoEnds

The only thing that is guaranteed in this life is death. Although it may be a scary thing to admit to ourselves at times, there will eventually come a day when it is your time to go. One of the scariest parts of this thought for many is thinking “what about my loved ones?” Wondering how your loved ones will cope after you’re gone is a sad thing to consider for most of us. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to leave little pieces of yourself behind for them to remember.

NoEnds is dedicated to keeping your memory alive in a variety of ways and has quickly become an ideal choice for many who want to preserve their memory even after they’re gone.

Here is a video from NoEnds:

At NoEnds, they believe that there is strength in coming to terms with the fact that you are dying. While it is a scary and challenging thing to admit, it can help you be more proactive about noting and preserving your final wishes and the final messages that you hope to pass on to your friends and family. NoEnds provides a letter writing service, both digital and physical, that allows you to capture anything that you might want to say or that you need people to know once you’re gone. Once you have saved these thoughts and wishes, NoEnds will secure your letter and then send it to the intended receiver after you’re gone.

They will be prepared for the letter through a message that explains what they might find if they proceed. Once they are ready, they will be able to read the words that you have left for them to remember you by. These might include requests for your funeral or your burial, or simply some words of comfort and love. While it should be noted that the service is not a will, you are still able to communicate any little details that you feel are important.

I’m dying

If a gift is more your style, NoEnds also has a gorgeous range of products that you can schedule to be sent to your loved ones. These gifts range from clothing, to jewelry, to grief counseling sessions. Whatever you feel speaks best to the connection between you and your loved ones, you can schedule it to be sent after your death. The surprise that they get when they receive it will be priceless.

Knowing that you were thinking of them and are always with them to provide comfort when it is needed is incredibly meaningful, particularly for those who are grieving. These gifts will give them something to treasure forever, knowing that it was thoughtfully picked by you as a parting gift for them.A woman receiving a gift from NoEnds from a loved one who has passed and has left a memory.

Whether it’s to impart your final wishes or to provide some words of wisdom, love and comfort, NoEnds is a great way to help your loved ones remember you after your death. NoEnds hope to give you control, even in death, and ensure that you convey to the people around you how much you love them and appreciated having them in your life. The database is secure and easy to use, meaning that there’s nothing stopping you from communicating all your thoughts and feelings freely.

These letters, digital or handwritten, and gifts are a beautiful and meaningful way to leave your mark on the world and preserve your memory in the minds and hearts of those who meant the most to you.